Conspiracy Theories

Abstract: When Mathis isn’t busy writing pseudoscience articles, he’s usually hard at work concocting far-fetched conspiracies. Here is a sample of his disturbed thinking:

The Boston Marathon
“The good thing about these recent events is that they are so poorly faked that a lot of people are catching on. If they can keep us talking about three fake people who were fake-killed in Boston or the 27 people who were fake-killed in Sandy Hook, they can keep our eyes off the real tragedies.”

The Alleged Sandy Hook Tragedy
“It is difficult to say what really happened at Sandy Hook, but as with other scripted tragedies, it is becoming easier and easier to say what didn’t happen. The story you are being sold in the mainstream media didn’t happen.”

Why The Trayvon Martin Case Is Not What It Seems
“Even if the initial event happened as we are told (which is doubtful), it looks very much like someone is using the event to create a race war. That someone would be the CIA, working for the elites that control your government. The intelligence agencies are now trying to divert anger and aggression here in the US against the banks, Wall Street, the government, and the other elite policy makers by channeling it into new race wars. If blacks and whites are fighting each other, they forget to fight the elites.”

911 Truth And Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate
“I think pretty much everyone knows that 911 was an inside job. We know that cellphone calls from the planes were faked. We know that video of the planes going into the towers was faked. We know that the 19 hijackers were either made up or were under the protection of the US government. We know that there is no evidence they were on the planes, and that there is much evidence that many of them were not on the planes.”

“The Certificate of Live Birth will turn out to be Obama’s Watergate. Why? Because it is a fake. But it is not just a fake, it is a fake so fake that it will be guaranteed to be found out. Absolutely no one will be fooled. Every last person in the world is figuring out that this is a ham-handed fake (starting with those who know how to use photoshop).”

Proof From NASA That Pi is 4
“NASA is hiding something here. I don’t think Richard Hoagland knows what it is, but he is certainly correct that something is rotten. They can’t admit that π is wrong, because that would make everyone look very stupid. Hoagland may be correct about any number of other things concerning other cover-ups at NASA.”

The Wiki-Mandarins
“Most people don’t seem to know how to find alternative information, so they end up at the big misinformation sites—sites underwritten or owned by big corporations or the government. Many of these sites read as if they have recently been cleaned by the CIA or the FBI or both. In fact, they have. I seriously think that Wikipedia may have been infiltrated by the CIA.”

Censored By Yahoo
“If the Gestapo is trying to silence me, I must be doing something right. A new wave of censorship is just beginning and the major webhosts are of course among the first targets. Given that the USGov wants to quash 911 questions (as the DoD has just admitted), Yahoo and Google and MSN would naturally be the places to start. The only way to avoid the secret police is to have no opinion.”

Physics is Corrupt
“Mainstream physics has predefined anyone who does not immediately accept its pronouncements as a crank and a crackpot. When that method fails, they resort to censorship and outright lies. All ‘science’ now stinks of propaganda.”

Was Physics Taken Over By The Intelligence Communities?
“If the CIA can control the media for decades, it can also control science. So why would the CIA want to control science? I don’t think that is hard to answer. The government doesn’t want private citizens or unsupervised university people discovering anything, because that would be dangerous.”

What Can I Do?
”Avoid CIA mouthpieces like Wikipedia and Google. Don’t even surf there… [Television] programs like CSI and 24 make you mentally ill. These shows could not be more useful to the status quo if they were written by the CIA, and many of them probably are.”

John Lennon Faked His Death
“This paper wouldn’t have been possible if John had stayed well hidden, but as it turns out he still likes to play in public. Being a bit of an actor, and always being confident in his ability to manipulate the public, John decided to just do what he wanted to do, covering it just enough to fool most people. This he has done, but he hasn’t fooled me.”

Note: This paper was last revised on 01/10/2016


398 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. There’s a new list ranking the top 1,200 conspiracy websites in the world, according to Alexa. Sadly, Miles Mathis doesn’t even rank. Neither of his conspiracy sites are on the list, despite over 400 minor blogs being included. Isn’t Miles always claiming that his websites are popular, that people are listening, and that his ideas are catching on? Evidence points to the contrary.

      • No “Phil”, the Mathis sites are not popular at all. Besides, his few followers aren’t intelligent enough to question anything he says despite his history of incompetence and a resume chock full of lies.
        His claims are all readily checkable, yet these so-called “thinking people” can’t do their own fact checking. If they did, Mathis’s sloppily concocted falsehoods would fall apart.

        But this blog alone has discovered enough of his math and science blunders to permanently sink his credibility.
        So he’s moved into his next scam, that of spinning conspiracy theories. After all, the kookosphere never did have high standards of proof.
        Even so, Mathis can’t even get his facts straight enough to make up a convincing conspiracy. He has contempt for “his readers”.

        He sure hopes you don’t check his facts, “Phil”.

        Just “Feed The Web Kitty” and make it snappy.
        Your Napoleon in gym shorts calls you, you can’t refuse.

    • Sandy Hook was not an operational school in 2012. Boston Bombing like the 7/7/2005 (2+5=7) 7/7/7 London bombing, was a false flag, 9/11 was done by Israel and science is definitely dogma. I have more faith in MM now because if this obvious hit piece.

    • Look, I’m concerned because, well, I’m supposed to be on that list, I’ve quickly skimmed thru everything Miles Mathis says and he seems to be exactly what he’s writing about, he’s talking of a Las Vegas Mandalay hoax, yet not saying that’s it’s a repeated hoax so, Err, Ah, Umm, Err, me on that list yet, or not? ;-)

  2. “Jake” whines and stutters sobbing bleats in defense of Mathis who devotes his entire kooksite to serial attacks on all scientists, mathematicians and, now, celebrities.
    But don’t point out Mathis’ lies and errors.
    Don’t dare say he’s wrong.
    Truth is, the more you check his “facts” the more errors and lies you expose.

    Mathis wrote a sloppy, ludicrous article on the “Bob Dylan conspiracy” a year ago. Mathis thinks Dylan’s a fake because Dylan’s early bandmate Bobby Vee traveled from Fargo, ND to Moorhead, MI to fill in for Buddy Holly who had just died. Mathis says this could never have happened because Vee was 15 years old at the time.
    Listen to Mathis raving…

    “According to his official bio, Vee’s career started in 1959 when he was chosen to fill in for Buddy Holly, etc. on ‘the day the music died.’ But that was in Moorhead, MI. Why would they choose a 15-year-old boy from Fargo to play in Moorhead, across state lines?
    Vee was a minor and couldn’t even get across state lines legally without someones help. He couldn’t drive himself, and anyone but his parents could be stopped for transporting a minor. ” Miles Mathis.

    There was no law against minors crossing state lines. Written permission by the minor’s parents was all that was needed to “get across state lines”.
    And such measures were rarely needed at any rate, as any minor who ever went on vacation with a friend’s family can attest. I did so myself on several occasions.

    And how far is Fargo, ND from Moorhead, MI?
    Two miles.
    That’s right.
    Mathis can’t even do basic research. He’s too lazy and incompetent.
    At some point in most of Mathis’s silly articles he just starts making stuff up.

    He sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

    • I know I said I wasn’t coming back here, but one more do know that in his papers, he always puts at the beginning that it is his strictly his opinion. Maybe you don’t know the definition of that word because you are ripping the man apart for his opinion. Regardless of the fact that his opinion is most likely fact (in regards to the contrived news and hollyweird), even so, he doesn’t state that. There is something else going on here, I think you need to discredit him for some nefarious reason or you have a huge crush on him and you are like a 10 year old boy who is being mean but you mean the opposite. I don’t think he is gay, but hey, you could always call him up and be friends…he might be able to teach you how to be a caring individual and how to treat others as you want to be treated. Anyway, good luck to ya’! :)

      • Is that what “caring” individuals do? Line their pockets with profits from fabricated conspiracy theories?

        Ever wonder what the grieving families (John Lennon had children) must think about the filthy malicious lies Mathis peddles? A sad tragedy made worse by the exploitations of a vulgar opportunist. Mathis is a heartless scoundrel.

        Oh, and don’t forget to feed the web kitty — that’s something Mathis actually does care about.

      • “Jake”, yours is the same technique as “Chantal” and the other loons all over again. And Mathis claims his critics are reading from a script. If so it can’t hold a candle to the repetitive sobs of his few fans who think he should not ever be criticized.

        Stop whining and grow up.

        Mathis is discredited because he says he’s right and he’s wrong. He didn’t state that it was his opinion that a minor could not “legally cross state lines”, he stated this as a fact.

        If he were not so lazy he could have consulted the statutes himself before opening his trap. The same applies to you, “Jake”. If he were not so much of a crackpot he would not have written such trash about Dylan in the first place.

        Don’t you think it’s childish to expect no criticism when Mathis claims to be telling “The Trufe” using falsehoods which are easily discovered?

        How’s your “opinion” faring, “Jake”? Do your own research on Mathis’s claims before you come whining. Or not, and just continue to believe everything a crackpot says.

        • Joaquin, I do not know Mr Mathis site, and don’t really care too much either way, but you need to learn to debate, you are so clearly coming from an emotive ego based mindset, It’s actually quite amusing. You write things off here with hollow statements, and every comment about someone who disagree’s is insulting. Says to me you are so scared what others think of you assume everyone else thinks like you. I honestly think you need to understand what the scientific method is…it requires no bias, which you clearly have. I hear rubbish like this from all angles , both mainstream and alternative, and all it actually really stands for is “i am right you are wrong” and a total disregard of the fact that 99.9999999% of the information everyone has is 2nd hand, and that really all questions are good questions. You (or anyone else including me) are not the arbiters of truth, we are the arbiters of our own opinions, that’s about it. Now i of course could be wrong, but at least i acknowledge that fact, I think you may benefit from a deeper understanding of what this actually means and how it applies to EVERYTHING.

          • Hagi, none of what you say here has disputed any of the errors and misstatements I have pointed out in Mathis’s writings. You seem to have missed the obvious absurdity of your position, “… I do not know Mr Mathis site, and I don’t care too much either way… “. You therefore have no basis for criticizing what I’ve written.
            You’re promoting a non-communication. Good luck selling that one.

      • Remember that when Mathis and the conspiracy true believers are called out by critical thinkers for having no proof of anything they claim.
        For example, if the conspiracy believers think the John Lennon tribute performer is actually John Lennon, still alive, why aren’t any of them intelligent enough to get a DNA sample? Get a cup he drank from or a utensil he ate with and stop playing persuasion games.
        The reason low-informationals don’t is because they deep down don’t believe the absurd theories, so why bother. It’s more kook fun and less work to just whine about “The Powers That Be”.

          • More likely it is because the low-informationals are too stupidly credulous to distinguish between what is Mathis’s verbose garbage and what constitutes evidence.

            Dull minds.

            Ten years of Mathis making unsupported claims in math, science and “faked deaths” and not a single claim has been verified.
            “Please Feed The Web Kitty”, however.
            Fools and their money soon go separate ways.

            Mathis is a fraud.

              • BTW: “you are most likely correct about Miles Mathis. They like to throw in truth and then add lies. Mix it all up, so you don’t know whether you are coming or going. Pathetic and pure evil : From the interwebs:” I am not convinced “Miles Mathis” is a real person. He may be a “Sim” a simulated entity. I think Miles is part of a counter intelligence operation aimed at the growing body of people who have discovered that many major events have been hoaxed. This really began with Sandy Hook although it can be traced further back. IMHO, the essay reads like classic disinfo-the first half is valid, with a couple of uncertain elements, but the second half about JFK and King is the phony part to discredit the subject.
                This pattern is duplicated in his essays on Manson Hoax and Lennon Hoax. In both of those essays, he begins with solid info only to step off the curb once the reader is hooked. For example, he says Sharon Tate is really Debbie Tate and provide spurious evidence. Also, with Lennon, he says the real Lennon is some character who only bears a passing resemblance. How someone who claims special knowledge of facial recognition because he is a portatrit painter and then make such an elementary error is inexplicable and tips his hand.
                BTW, He is full of beans when he says he wrote this as a draft in 2007, ims”

                Read more:

    • On the topic of Bobby Vee, Mathis wrote the following:

      ““How does a 15-year-old boy from Fargo, North Dakota, sell a song to a record company, and then get a contract with the even larger Liberty Records in that same year? Do you really think the record companies were that desperate for talent?”

      Mathis is either clueless or a liar.

      The following is a list of singers and the age at which they signed a recording contract:

      Michael Jackson – age 6
      Stevie Wonder – age 11
      Leann Rimes – age 13
      Miley Cyrus – age 14
      Justin Bieber – age 15
      Britney Spears — age 16

      • just a thought, in response to the dismissive assessment of Mathis’ reasoning. Did all of the above come “from Fargo, North Dakota”? Quite a reasonable question, in the context of the critique.

        I’m on the fence, regarding Mathis. Certainly, the list of supposed ‘gaffs’ above, is odd in that the overwhelming majority of the examples given refer to events well studied and condemned as forged, hoaxed, or otherwise enabled. Not to see this, is to confess to a remarkable (although remarkably common) ignorance.

        • You have not specified which events you feel are “well studied and condemned as forged, hoaxed or otherwise enabled”. Yours is too vague a response.

      • And if there was, it would be a lot farther than 2 miles. Hey, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Maryland: same thing, right?

        • Thanks for the correction. The only mistake I made was of copying Mathis’s version of the Minnesota state abbreviation (see below).
          “According to his official bio, Vee’s career started in 1959 when he was chosen to fill in for Buddy Holly, etc. on “the day the music died. But that was in Moorhead, MI. Why would they choose a 15-year-old boy from Fargo to play in Moorhead, across state lines?”

          The event did indeed take place in Moorhead, MN.

          Unlike crackpot Mathis, I acknowledge my mistakes.and correct them.
          So, once again, how difficult is it to go 2 miles, Fargo, ND to Moorhead, MN?

          • It was indeed a minor lapse not to research the existence of Moorhead, Michigan. Miles Mathis is so sloppy in his details, one can’t assume that ANY single detail in his essays is correct. But, in this context, it’s funny how the Mathis supporter blamed you for Mathis’ own error, even though the point still stands.

            • Yes, a Mathis supporter is typically a desperate soul. It is amazing that Mathis cannot even read or research properly. His articles fall apart when one checks the “facts” he presents.

              His few supporters are too sheeplike to question anything he writes and they resent those who do.

              Mathis needs either a proofreader or a headshrinker.

              Or maybe both.

  3. The David Bowie conspiracy theories have begun in earnest. Better hurry up Mathis, you’re running late, the party has started without you.

    “David Bowie’s Death Is A Hoax – His Fake Death Is His Exit From The World Stage”

    • You’re right…no actors, or musicians who are millionaires many times over have ever faked their death to retire in peace. Wouldn’t happen . Completely unheard of. If the news said he’s dead, he’s dead. No if, ands, or buts about it. Now shut up…be a good little slave, and listen to what your tv tells you.

  4. Apparently, Mathis is having trouble in the dating department. Have you seen his latest personal ad?

    In the past, Mathis sold himself as a young, vibrant, aspiring artist. And no doubt, a few gullible and naive females found that sexually alluring.

    But now, young Miles Mathis has morphed into a middle-aged, unemployed, flat broke loser. His only worldly possession (at age 50, no less), is his bicycle — underachiever extraordinaire.

    Needless to say, the females (young and old alike) are convinced they can do much better. In fact, most females can readily smell the stench of failure on a man and Mathis reeks of it.

      • Yours is the same technique used by “Chantal” earlier on this blog. How’s that working out for you?

        Seriously, what woman wants to date a paranoid homunculus like Mathis? He’s a absolutely worthless kook who thinks John Lennon is still alive and is willing to pander to other kooks susceptible to similar crackpot claims. Even in the kookosphere he can’t get noticed. He is reduced to promoting himself to himself.

        If he does manage to trick a woman into coming to his shack, she won’t stay around long when she discovers his numerous lying attempts at self-aggrandizement.

        So what’s currently important in the career of a fake scientist? Mathis ends the year 2015 on a high note and announces “proof” of his claim that he… er… drew a train in perspective when he was 3 years old.
        That’s right.
        His proof is… Mommy said so.
        “Here is the proof, direct from my babybook.”
        That’s right, he actually said, “babybook”.
        It is pathetic that he is so eager for praise that he hunts up his supposed child drawings. The problem for Mathis is that all children draw this kind of thing at one time or another.
        And of course this offers no proof of anything but his own desperation.

        Proof of My Train Story

    • That “personal ad” is a fascinating document and look into the mind of this person. For example, his entitled belief that a woman will be transformed by his presence, from a “duckling” into a “swan” — while he just continues being his awesome self, no personal growth or maturity necessary.

      The most telling thing, though, is how it proves Mathis’ multiple personalities. It starts under the ruse of being a conversation between him and a “friend,” but by page 4 his “friend” is referring to it as a personal ad and that people will be “reading this.” And of course the “friend” tells him how attractive and young-looking and smart and and easy-going he is — just like all of the “friends” we see on the internet defending his theories. So this is basically Miles daydreaming another fantasy conversation with himself. At least he admits he has no money and no car and that his place is cluttered with old bicycles and unsold paintings of deathly-thin nudes. What an attractive picture for a potential mate!

    • Wonder what you look like? Are you in 5th grade because that’s what you come off as. I would go out with him just because he is intelligent and makes people think about issues instead of believing the media.

      • How touching. So, what’s preventing you from sending him a message on his “secure” site? Maybe it’s because you do realize he has no job and is hiding in the desert without driver’s license or car and living in a mouse infested hovel for some very obvious reasons.

  5. Hahahahaha! You couldn’t carry Mile’s jockstrap, and you know it.
    What? He stole your girl? Bested you at a hundred different challenges on a hundred different topics? Are your eyes green, or brown? Perhaps one each?

    • Sitting in his little hovel 18/7 seven days a week, amid mouse droppings and other uncleaned filth and the hantavirus, Mathis is reaping the consequences of his laziness, stupidity and fraud.
      His lies and errors have been extensively exposed.

      “Please, (sob), feed the web kitty.”

      The little crackpot that couldn’t.

  6. I have no idea if Miles Mathis is a “crackpot” but Rest assured..most lamestream news are contrived and it’s rather a pathetic thing.

    • If you “have no idea Miles Mathis is a crackpot”, you’re not likely to have any idea at all about “most” news. But go right ahead and take the word of a worthless kook hiding in the New Mexico desert. He has a phony resume chock full of easily checked falsehoods. That should give you a clue.

      Why don’t you do as I do and check his facts? For instance check out his claim in his bio of having been the one who discovered the error on the 1980 PSAT. I did. Daniel Lowen, 17 at the time, was the one who discovered the error, not Miles Mathis.


          • I m not miles..but u keep telling yourself that..he is obviously smarter than you…and I think you are either afraid of the TRUTH being revealed to more and more people for some sinister reason or you have some kind of weird obsession with him. ..why else would you have a whole blog devoted to bullying him?

            • Why are you so thin skinned “Jake”? Whine, whine, whine.
              Grow the hell up.
              Mathis can dish it out but he and his few fanboys can’t take it.

              Mathis has devoted his entire cranksite to hilariously flawed theories without any proof, while accusing physicists and mathematicians of dishonesty and incompetence.
              Yet he claims pi=4 and avoids experiments.

              Not a single useful idea has come from his decade of scribbling.

              He has a weird obsession with attacking science and math he doesn’t understand, don’t you think?

              • So, exactly why do you have an entire blog devoted to bashing the guy? Just wondering, that’s all, I find it rather strange and really weird. It’s like you want to completely bash him for some reason. I don’t know who you mean by chantal…I am not him pretending to be someone else… I merely found his website after my own realization of all the lies in this world … I believe it was right after Aurora and Sandy Hook, yes that was it. (truly pathetic). But you can believe what you want, you can believe that there aren’t people out there who are waking up to the lies. You can believe that, and maybe you have another reason for this blog. I don’t know. Whatever. The thing is that the guy is a smart cookie, and I don’t think you like that too much. I don’t know about his papers on math and science, but he sure is right on the money when it comes to the lies coming from the so called “news”. And to be honest with you, I think he would make a near perfect companion . No, I’m not gay or even a man, I know my name says Jake, but that is just the first name I thought of when I had to put one down. And I bet he’s a nice guy too. So, you can bash him all you want but you should really stop because’s just plain mean. #2…it’s really weird, and #3 you’d have more time on your hands to pursue becoming a nicer human being. Once again, I’m NOT him but you believe whatever you want. I probably won’t come back to this site, I found it by doing a google search of Miles Mathis because I wanted to send a link to a friend of mine to help open her eyes to all the lies . And this popped up, so if that was what you were aiming for, you should be so proud of yourself. (not really). Good bye and good luck to you. I hope you do some REAL soul searching for yourself.

        • Mathis is a liar. His lie about his discovering an error on the 1980 PSAT is what you should be wondering about, along with the other lies he’s told to make himself seem important.
          I bet you won’t check his facts.
          And Mathis sure hopes you remain stupidly credulous and don’t ever check his facts, because if you do his fabrications fall apart.
          With his PSAT lie he took credit for another person’s accomplishments.
          Instead of apologizing he hides.

          • I predict we will soon be hearing that David Bowie faked his death. Perfect fodder for a Mathis conspiracy theory…

  7. Mathis has recently complained at being compared to other conspiracy loons. He claims to have nothing in common with them.
    “Another thing is very different about me and the rest of these people, and it is the first thing you should have looked at when you read their stuff and mine. Transparency. Always look up a bio on any new author you come across. I have an extensive bio and tons of personal information up on my site, … I have baby pics up, for crying out loud. I have magazine articles written by old girlfriends. I have stories from high school and college. Go do a search on Dave McGowan or Donald Jeffries or any of these other people (Ed Chiarini, Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer) and see what you find. Most of them are ghosts.”

    Seriously? Once again this is a case of Mathis hoping you don’t check his facts. I did searches on Barrett, McGowan, Chiarini, Jeffries and Fetzer. Contrary to what Mathis claimed there is extensive information on each. There are TV interviews of each nut. There are articles written on each, and not by “old girlfriends”.
    And there are many very recent photographs of each, none of which are “baby pics”.
    So what happened when I did a search on Miles Mathis? Just puff pieces by “old girlfriends” and self-congratulatory garbage he wrote about himself on his own kooksite. And, of course, his own trolling the internet trying to pass himself off as a reader on fire for the works of Miles Mathis. No TV interviews, no newspaper or magazine articles, nothing.
    And an image search reveals no recent photographs of Mathis.

    So, who’s the ghost?

    Mathis sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

    • You are right…”Miles Mathis” and the websites could be a complete fabrication, and we wouldn’t be able to tell. Unlike the people he names, no independent party has ever vetted his existence or his bio, which, as has been pointed out here, still contains verifiably false claims about achievements. No one has ever written about him, he has never won any awards that can be verified, and he has never received national or international recognition, for anything (and he wonders why he can’t have a Wikipedia article). He has never been published except by himself, or in the form of local letters to the editor. He has analyzed Obama’s birth certificate for authenticity — where is HIS birth certificate? The more he points out his own supposed realness, the faker he seems.

      • Agreed.
        It seems Mathis is more deeply in hiding than previously supposed. I suspect that he really cannot afford the scrutiny that a higher profile would bring. Actual magazines and newspapers would scour his background to fact-check the claims he’s made on his bio. His web of falsehoods would be exposed.
        Pi=4 would be held up to even greater ridicule than before. Like most crackpots Mathis cannot correct his mistakes and I think even he knows pi=4 is wrong. So, instead of admitting his errors, he hides from any situation which would force an independent evaluation of his ideas.

        He certainly doesn’t want a repeat of his comprehensive public debunking on the Amazon book review site!

        Mathis is a failure at everything he has ever attempted. Failed ballet dancer, failed poet, failed author, failed artist, failed “mathematician”, failed “science researcher”, and now a failed conspiracy loon.
        No runs, no hits, many errors.

  8. Following a link from Mathis’ site to, we find an amusing thread of “internet researchers” tripping over each other regarding whether or not Mathis *himself* is an intelligence-hired agent provocateur trying to discredit the REAL internet sleuths out there. I got a chuckle out of this observation: “The double M initials (like Eminem/Marshal Mathers – em and em – and M & M the candy) can stand for Master Mason… And also the W of the middle name can be seen as an M reversed… And whatever letter or number repeated three times is a reference to 666. Mmmm…. all this can be considered suspicious too. After all, he says it himself that any reference to occultism and satanism is really a sign of working for some intelligence agency…”

    In his new upload, Miles reveals that he has removed a link to this discussion forum “because I am tired of being slandered.” In the above thread he is “accused” of being Jewish and his writings being “Jewish damage control.” Ouch. Also, his paintings are criticized as “worse than a lot of student work. I think he might have been ‘selected’ for the role he is taking because to most people his basic hand-eye coordination equates to ‘good artist’ rather than an actually important vision/direction.” Double ouch!!

    It seems that as soon as the hunter becomes the hunted, he can’t take it and he gets out. Coward.

  9. I’ve chosen my New Years resolution for 2016: My goal is for Miles Mathis to personally label me a creation of the CIA.

    Going through his “papers,” I’ve noticed that from Jack London to Elvis to Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk and Bill Gates, all of the persons Miles cites as CIA creations have been incredibly successful, admired, and well respected if not also fabulously wealthy. I would like to be one of those people. Meanwhile, Mathis sits in New Mexico drinking Mountain Dew and eating Slim Jim’s, uploading screed after bitter screed to the internet, wondering why he can’t get so much as even a mention in the local paper anymore. I guess it’s because he isn’t a creation of the CIA? Anyway, it’s something to shoot for; wish me luck.

    • If Mathis can now afford to drink Mountain Dew and eat Slim Jim’s, then he must have sold one of his boring and dull paintings (perhaps he made an across the board trade). Because there is no way his book sales would allow him to live that extravagantly.

      But more likely, Mathis merely found a half-eaten Slim Jim during his daily rummage through the dumpster.

  10. My big heebie nose smells a Shillers List rat-a-thon here. Shoot the messenger and ignore the elites deceptions. We know from Architects & Engineers fir 9/11 truth that the pancake theory for the twin towers is disinfo BS. Jet fuel can’t melt through steel! Developer Larry Silverstein enhanced the insurance policy for the asbestos laden (money losing) WTC just weeks before the media hoax! The New World Order is mostly a Jew World Order; Check out who owns and runs the major media and sports leagues. Even Rupert Murdoch is a closet Zio – his mother Elizabeth Green was a chosen one. Why pick on poor MM he’s just a dot connector. He has hits and misses, But more hits he’s sniffed out!

    • Trufers are kooks and what they say is believable only to low-information conspiracy believers.
      Mathis is criticized for good reason… he’s wrong. He promotes pseudoscience, misinformation and unfounded claims.

      Stop pretending otherwise and grow up.

  11. I’m glad Miles Mathis has all but stopped writing about science. He realizes there is a far larger audience that wants to read wild speculations and conspiracy theories about celebrities, which is pretty much all he writes about now. People interested in celebrity intrigue are low-hanging fruit. By contrast, there are very, very few science enthusiasts who aren’t bright enough to see past Mathis’ intellectual dishonesty. To be interested in science, you generally have to be a little smart. And if you’re a little smart, you likely won’t fall for any of Mathis’ ridiculous ideas, and you will recognize immediately his mangling of basic scientific and mathematical concepts. His audience has likely dwindled to zero at this point.

    • I completely agree, Mathis is finished as a scientist; or more accurately, a pretend scientist. It’s game over – time to write his obituary, he’s done.

      Now he can devote all of his time to writing conspiracy theories, something he should have been doing all along – that is his real forte; a conspiracy theorist. Not that any of it is believable, but there are people who enjoy reading that sort of nonsense, and Mathis does have a talent for spinning ludicrous tales about dead celebrities.

  12. Thomas P. Burwell, who has apparently posted on this blog under the name “Tom” has a blog of his own. Tom is the one who drove from North Carolina all the way out to New Mexico to see the crackpot face-to-face.
    The timeline of Tom’s posts about Mathis is highly suspicious.

    First, Tom says: ” I discovered Miles Mathis’ website May 4th, 2013 (when searching “variable acceleration” Newton Leibniz on Google).”

    On May 18, 2013 Tom posted this howler:
    “I think the reason Mathis’s work still has not received broader recognition is that his writing style does not follow the expected academic conventions, and the complexity of the material places it just out of the reach of the average amateur scientist or mathematician. So I’m going to try to present some of his essential ideas to give first-time readers some direction.”
    If Tom only discovered the Mathis website fourteen days previously, isn’t he himself the prime example of a “first-time reader”?

    By May 10, 2013 Tom apparently understood all six Mathis articles he referenced well enough to uncritically champion them at length in a long post on his blog. These articles on Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems, Minkowski’s Space-Time Equations, Non-Euclidean Geometry, The Third Wave, Gravity and “Death by Mathematics” add up to 76 pages of reading.

    By his post of May 18, 2013, he additionally referenced “The Central Discoveries of This Book”, “The Extinction of Pi” and “A Revaluation of Time”, articles which add up to another 49 pages of reading.

    And that same day, May 18, 2013, Tom put up a YouTube video on Mathis trying to disprove Newton’s Lemma.

    And elsewhere on his blog, during this same period, Tom talks about his work load student teaching and of studying for his certification as a teacher. Seventy-six pages is a lot of extracurricular reading for someone studying and student teaching full time.

    Tom and Mathis expect us to believe Tom did all this by himself.
    Tom just rockets off the mark and reads 76 pages in depth of Mathis’ personal website and writes a blog post on it in just six days, May 4 to May 10, 2013 while school is still in session? How did he find the time? And what was the rush… he couldn’t wait till summer break?

    I can’t be alone in finding this hard to believe.

    • Thomas Burwell claims to have a science degree; that is, he has studied calculus and physics at the college level. And despite his advanced education, he has swallowed the Mathis pi=4 hogwash hook, line, and sinker.

      That part of the story is hard to believe. How an educated man could be so easily hoodwinked is difficult to explain. Unless, Thomas Burwell is just another Mathis alias; but I don’t know that with certainty.

    • You just wrote 8 paragraphs about tom not being able to find the time to read and comment on 76 pages of Miles’s work. You post these comments for a living? If so you suck at it.

  13. Why are people here so viciously personally attacking someone who thinks different than they do? Could it be that they are afraid of having to actually engage in the use of some grey matter? Should they not rather than practice name-calling and insults refute the presented theories with evidence of their own! hmmmm

    • Posting misinformation, pseudoscience and unfounded claims is what Mathis does and that’s not just “thinking differently”, it’s being dishonest and fraudulent.
      If you’ve paid any attention to the content of this blog you would not pretend Mathis hasn’t been roundly refuted with evidence.

      Mathis is a liar.
      Witness his attempt to take credit in his bio for Daniel Lowen’s discovery of an error on the 1980 PSAT.
      It was Lowen, 17 years old at the time, who discovered the error, not Mathis. No newspaper or any other accounts mention anything about Mathis.
      He sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

      Witness also his blarney about the Bikini Atoll atomic tests being faked. Among his many false claims in that article was the notion that the palm trees on the atoll, where the still and motion picture cameras were installed, would have had their fronds blown off by the shock wave from the Able and Baker detonations. Since the fronds survived intact, he “reasons”, the Bikini atomic tests were “faked”. He tries to use his crack “photo analysis” of still photos off Wikipedia to put forth this idea. If he were not so stupid and lazy he would have done proper research of motion picture film
      of the two events.
      Use the link here to a youtube video to see Mathis’ little theory about the fronds go poof. Take note at 3:50 to see the fronds still attached after Able. See 5:48 to see them still attached after Baker. They got knocked back by the airborne shock waves but were still attached.
      Mathis sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

      The world’s fourth and fifth nuclear detonations were not “faked”. Able was the first air burst over water and Baker was the first under water. The film clearly shows the surface water darkening outward from the epicenters followed by churned whitewater. These water detonation phenomena, seen in Able and Baker for the first time, are also features of every later sea detonation.
      The Bikini films were made in 1946. No one could have predicted and accurately “faked” motion picture film of what no one knew would be visually observable in over water and under water detonations.

      Mathis sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

      • Correction:
        to get to the youtube video I’m referring to, type Google search for the following and the correct video should be the first result
        Declassified US Nuclear Bomb Test Bikini Atoll and others 1 of 4

    • Mathis is challenged because he is a scientific fraud, many of us who challenge his ideas are published scientists and we recognise his nonsense for what it is. Unfortunately many non-scientists are taken in by his nonsense. I have asked Mathis and some of his followers to explain some chemistry (I am a PhD chemist) using the ideas of Mathis, they cannot. You usually get abuse.

  14. Mathis has come up for another honor.
    He is being considered for inclusion in the Wackos Gallery, which identifies,
    “People who perpetuate misinformation, pseudoscience, or unfounded claims.”
    which is exactly what a worthless kook like Mathis does.
    “Miles Mathis: Crackpot including the assertion that π is exactly 4.”

    • “People who perpetuate misinformation, pseudoscience, or unfounded claims.”

      Mathis should be a shoo-in; perfect fit.

    • Sad to see people fall into line so easily. I stopped voting after Kennedy was assassinated. Until the 911 perps are brought to justice, there’s no point in voting. We live under a coup d’etat. We will believe anything: Planes can be absorbed by buildings without smashing to bits. Not possible to scramble jets to shoot them down. No Pentagon cameras caught the action. No rockets fired. Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Sad, Sad, Sad

      • What is sad, “Jason”, is seeing worthless kooks like Miles Mathis spinning wildly improbable conspiracy fantasies which are swallowed whole by like-minded kooks who will believe any and all things they come up with. Talk about “falling in line”.

        Such convoluted theories as the 9/11 nonsense Mathis spouts requires thousands of people to keep absolute secrecy about the deed. They require faultless execution by thousands in order to carry out the deed.
        Such is the realm of fiction.

        If you “believe” Mathis, you will “believe” anything.
        Would you bet your house on the “trufer” version of 9/11 being true?
        Whose version is true, with your house riding on your answer?
        What do you bet your house on, what we all saw video of and which was reported by reputable investigators and witnesses? Or do you bet your house on the word of some isolated, paranoid schizophrenic liar like Mathis sitting in his gym shorts 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, typing out nonsense on a personal toy website?

        I suppose you’re too far gone to even admit which one you’d have to choose to save your house, eh?
        You can lie to others only after you lie to yourself.
        Sad, sad, sad.

        • Well I would bet my house on what I myself see and understand, based on pretty decent evidence by people who have less of an agenda than the polititians and the reputableinvestigators. But actually I would not bet my house on anything untill all questions have been asked and answered. Conspiracy theorists may not have all the answers, but at least they ask the questions all of us should be screaming to have answers to, and they provide some pretty good ideas as to what the answers may be,. The one thying that is 5totally clear is that the official story is NOT THE ANSWER.

          • If you don’t have the honesty to answer the question, say so. There will never be a time when “all questions have been asked and answered”. And “pretty good ideas as to what the answers may be” are meaningless.
            The evidence, which conspiracy loons like Mathis don’t have, is what counts. The agenda Mathis has is to make every event “faked”, to make every dead person “fake killed”, and to make every living person “dead” and replaced by a double.
            He just hopes you don’t check his facts.

            The evidence points to 9/11 being just as reported.
            Grow the hell up.

        • Ok now I’m convinced posting these comments is your job. Say the word kook one more time. If he’s such a hack and a kook why do you spend what appears to be a very large amount of time liabeling him? Who’s the kook?

          • Who would bother to pay someone to make internet comments about Miles Mathis? Conspiracy believers are 100% all identically the same — if they don’t like something they see online, they label you a “paid shill” so they don’t have to think about what you’ve written, and their delusions can remain blissfully unconfronted.

            • Worthless Webkooks like Mathis and his few followers get real testy when their “theories” are challenged.

              But don’t hold your breath for the experiment Mathis will perform to prove, say, that pi = 4. He won’t lift a finger to do a single experiment.
              That’s because experiments will prove him wrong once and for all and he doesn’t want that.

              What would become of “Please Feed the Web Kitty”?

    • Are not the subscribers to the theory that many reputable investigators report that 9/11 et. al. are true so therefore it must be so, using the same strategy for determining the truth???????

      • Some three thousand people died on 9/11 and not one of them has returned to life. Not a single grieving spouse, parent, brother or sister who lost their loved ones on 9/11 has ever seen them again after that day.
        In Mathisworld everyone is an actor paid by the evil CIA. Who would accept pay to pretend to be dead and abandon their children forever?
        You’d have to be a stone cold kook to believe such nonsense.

        Just like Mathis.

  15. He certainly gets a lot of attention doesn´t he? Most of it negative. It HAS to be the truth! I´ve been around the block a few times pardners.

    • Of course it’s the truth. Everyone knows that John Lennon faked his death. Paul is the one who is actually dead. But we’ve known that since the 1960’s.

      • Correction: Only delusional people “know” this.
        People who are taken in by the nutty conspiracy theories of a worthless kook like Mathis aren’t too bright to begin with.
        Paul been “dead” “since the 1960’s”? Right in the middle of touring and constant performing? Right.
        Go sleep it off, Einstein.

          • Or his being ironic is as much of a guess as whose first language isn’t English. I got your sarcasm in your original post, but I’m still not sure about his.

        • Candlestick Park, San Francisco: The Beatles’ final concert. Although they made an unannounced live appearance in January 1969 on the rooftop of the Apple building, The Beatles’ final live concert took place on 29 August 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California.
          The ‘Paul is dead’ theory dates a car crash of Sept 1966.
          Wrong facts and unfounded assumptions do not help anyone.

    • Well Dan, that’s an interesting heuristic for determining the truth — The more that people disagree and prove that something is wrong, the more right it must be. Well! I’m sure that kind of thinking will get you far in life.

    • I would also point out that most of Mathis’ pet causes, such as 9/11 Truthism and the mass-shooting conspiracies, are all debunked by your own heuristic. Consider the thousands of 9/11 Truthism websites vs. the number of sites that debunk 9/11 Truthism, or the thousands of people spreading Sandy Hook conspiracy theories vs. the number of people working to debunk them. Apparently by your logic, since the “official stories” get so much negative attention, the alternative theories of conspiracy “HAVE” to be false. So there you go.

  16. I have a feeling that all the posters here are aliases of Miles, talking schizophrenically to (and about) himself. Having said that, 400 dollars is a bit stiff to attend a five day expose of his scientific insights. And yes, he does seem to have a creepy pedo side to him, although he had a very pretty girlfriend in 1985 (which is more than I can say for myself).

    • I don’t believe there ever was any interest in Miles Mathis. It was all an elaborate ruse. He used hundreds, if not thousands of aliases to create an illusion of interest. Why? Don’t really know. Possibly to gin up interest in his mediocre paintings that no one wants to buy.

      • Miles Mathis is a coward and a liar.
        He is a coward for hiding behind pseudonyms and pretending to be other people.
        He is a liar for claiming he doesn’t.

  17. Just when you thought MM’s conspiracy theories couldn’t get any wackier, now he’s claiming that River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix were fraudulently pictured on the bunk bed from “The Brady Bunch.” I’m dead serious.
    That “Taos hum” must really be making him loopy. What’s next, Laurie Anderson is actually Laurie Partridge?

    • Mathis comes up with a new faked death theory every month now. River Phoenix is just this month’s offering. Next month Mathis will probably tell us that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck both worked for the CIA, and their deaths were faked.

      • No wonder he is so obsessed with faking deaths, Mathis has faked his entire life. He is a fake scientist. He writes fake “papers” (Einstein showed, if anyone needed reminding, what a real paper is). He lives in decay and filth in a New Mexico hovel and tries to write as if he is some kind of thinker with a following, when in fact he is a dolt and has no following worthy of the name. He is a fake researcher, a fake historian and a fake artist. He is a fake in almost every way.

        Earlier this year he posted another ridiculous “paper”, “My Bicycle Seat as Proof of the Charge Field”
        He tried to explain that a red line appeared along the top of his bicycle seat and a blue one underneath when viewing it against bright light.
        He attempted to explain this by claiming it was due to his non-existent “charge field”.
        Mathis whined, “I tried to get a photo of the phenomenon, but due to the strong backlighting I found I couldn’t do it.”
        No kidding.
        Of course the “strong backlighting” had nothing to do with Mathis not being able to photograph the red and blue lines.

        The camera lens does not have glaucoma or cataracts…
        but Mathis probably does.

        Occam strikes again?

    • Mathis is apparently of the same strain of kook which sees Jesus or the Virgin Mary in the pattern of grime on the side of an abandoned building.
      Pi = 4 must really have done a number on his head. It is his biggest mistake in a laughable “career” which is 100% mistakes. He knows he’s a failure and the reality of that fact has sunk in.
      Apparently his mind, already compromised, has further deteriorated under the pressure.
      As Mathis sits unwashed in his gym shorts, amidst the decay, filth, clutter, and the scurrying mice, and with all the paintings he can’t sell crowded around him, he must wonder what made him such a toxic idiot and caused him to misspend his life. His critics are smart, his few remaining friends are not, and his handpicked flunky has run away.
      And so he sits on his butt day after day writing nonsense on his own personal fever swamp site.

      How the mediocre have fallen.

      • As far as I can tell, no one went to the $400 physics conference Mathis held last month in New Mexico — with the possible exception of a few scurrying mice and a bowl of goldfish, no one else was there.

        His books won’t sell, his paintings won’t sell, and no one will attend his conferences. Mathis can’t sink any lower, he’s now at rock bottom — he reeks with the stench of failure.

  18. Well, Mathis is at it again. He has resurrected another old article: “Variable Acceleration”

    But it doesn’t really contain anything new. Mathis just wanted to clarify one of his many idiotic notions: “straightening out the curve”.

    According to Mathis, differentiation is used to “straighten out the curve”. Now why anyone would ever want to straighten out a curve is never explained. But hey, if you should ever find a curve that needs straightening, Mathis is the guy to see. Come to think of it, I do have a sin(x) curve that could use some straightening; care to give us a demonstration Mathis?

    • What on earth is the rationale behind this sentence: “The motion of the car relative to the earth or to space [undergoing a change in acceleration] is now the compound of two separate accelerations, both of which are represented by t^2. So the total acceleration would be constant, not variable, but it would be represented by t^4.” This is the kind of situation where a low-information, non-critical reader would go, “Uh, okay, I guess so, 2 + 2 = 4, uh, okay” and then they move on. It’s complete hogwash. A constant velocity calls for (t). A change in velocity i.e. an acceleration calls for (t • t) or t^2. Accelerating that acceleration therefore calls for (t • t) • t, or t^3. Is Mathis claiming that (t • t) • t = t^4? Is that how his algebra works? Is it because the CIA “imported” those parentheses or something? Someone please help us out.

      • Mathis always gets the units wrong; for him, that’s just par for the course. But his latest infatuation with parentheses is something entirely new. He’s had severe mental problems for years, and it is rapidly getting worse. First there was the pi conspiracy. And now he’s claiming there is a parentheses conspiracy. What’s coming next, the punctuation conspiracy?

            • I’m guessing the comment is directed at us Mathis critics. Which is ironic, given that across this blog we have issued direct and specific criticism and analysis of Mathis’ claims (in particular his mathematic errors), and the only thing Mathis and/or his faithful followers have come back with are insults. Shall we review the content-free turds that have been thrown at us “baboons” on this page alone?

              “little piece of dodo”
              “arrogant lunatics”
              “paid shill”
              “blustering fools”
              “wild-eyed & egomaniacal”
              “egomaniacal dolts”
              “hired hands”
              “way too dumb”
              “SICK nutcracker”
              “psychopathic lunatic”
              “house stooge”
              “despicable yokels”
              “little buffoon boys”
              “sycophantic lunatic”
              “all 300 lbs. of you”
              “Mr. Dingggggggbat”
              “little saps trying to escape mom’s basement”
              “Mr. Yokel”
              “little house buffoon boy”
              “little sycophants with single digit IQ’s”
              “blustering sanguine egomaniacs”
              “cocaine addled, incredibly strung out followers of the ‘head megalomaniac'”
              “VERY troubled lunatics”
              “little hillbillies”
              “little clodhopper”
              “mean, sick ba^%$rd”
              “little stooges”

  19. New paper by Pantload Mathis: “Trig Derivatives found without the old Calculus – now including a disproof of the chain rule” (June 10, 2015):

    Apparently some little schoolgirl sent Mathis a letter telling him his math is all wrong. Hell, even the children think he’s a crackpot.

    Now this is a Mathis story I am inclined to believe, since most children really do know more about math than he does.

    Kudos to the little girl, if she happens to read this!

    • He’s claiming that sin5x is not the same as sin(5x) — that the parentheses are “imported,” and this makes the chain rule a “push.”

      Hey Miles, I have just one thing to say: Your argument is (idiotic).

      • Leibniz discovered the “chain rule” in 1676, and it has been rigorously analyzed and studied ever since. For Mathis to now claim that he has disproved the chain rule, is clear-cut evidence that Mathis is essentially a moron; a full-fledged imbecile with severe mental and social problems.

        • Miles’ series of essays on the chain rule seem to be an extremely long-winded and fallacious way to arrive at the same result. He has learned from this very watchblog (section: Differential Calculus) that you can’t just arrive at a different derivative, because it helps when the derivative actually gives you the slope at any point. He finally figured out that you have to arrive at the same answer as the mainstream methods do. And, you have to be able to differentiate more than polynomials. Hence all of this handwaving about sine and cosine. He actually “finds” that the derivative of sin5x is 5cos5x kind of the way a drunk sometimes finds his way home. But he has to arbitrarily hand-wave away a negative sign to do it:

          “Δsin5x = – 5cos5x
          Since sin and cosine change in opposite ways [they do?], we can drop the negative sign, obtaining this final equation:
          Δsin5x = 5cos5x”

          Yeah, that isn’t a fudge!

          It reminds me of when I was a kid and came up with an alternate way of scoring bowling: You count one point for each pin, unless your last throw was a spare or you had a strike in one of your last two throws, in which case you get two points per pin (double). If your last two throws were both strikes, you get triple. With this method you wind up with the same score in the end. Hey! I think I disproved the “mainstream” method of scoring bowling! Maybe it was invented by the CIA….

          • I wouldn’t even classify it as hand-waving, it’s just straight up BS. The Mathis article (“Derivative of sin5x”) is piled high with nonsense about “importing the scaler” and “monitoring”; in other words, absolute gibberish. Word salad, intentionally meant to be vague and hazy; just a load of crap that Mathis pulled out of his ass.

            • Yeah, I read his trig article last night. Thought about sines and cosines, pulled out my calculus book, reviewed the chain rule and it works, much simpler than MandM’s method and, as has been stated, without the troublesome minus sign.

          • But your method was correct. By the way, pi does equal 4. This is why I couldn’t get the wheel I invented to roll very far.

    • Ever notice Mathis consistently has inappropriate interactions with females?
      Instead of taking into account her youth, Mathis treats the girl as a mortal enemy.
      To quote from the link:

      “I don’t believe the complaint was really from a highschool student, since she seemed entirely too sure of herself ( and nasty) for someone that age.”
      Seriously, Mathis does not seem to get out much, and he doesn’t seem to know anything about high school kids, or he wouldn’t make such an absurd statement.

      “I tried to explain to her the difference between differentiating and finding a derivative, but she wasn’t listening.”
      And when has anyone known Mathis to listen?

      “She was so sure I was wrong, I have to wonder why she wrote me to ask for my response.”
      To give him a chance to respond, something which he denies visitors to his site.

      “She didn’t want a response, so why write?”
      So why does Mathis write? He does not include any way for people to respond on his site.

      “…and I might never have done it without the prodding of this clueless schoolgirl.”
      Clueless schoolgirl? So again, who’s being nasty?

      Mathis really has a pathologically giant chip on his shoulder. A 51-year old man calling a high school girl “clueless” is inexcusable.

      • It is unfortunate than Mathis mocks a young person for having “only” a high-school education, when high-school mathematics is all he has ever applied in his supposedly revolutionary work. Here is a partial list of undergraduate math concepts that have yet to make any appearance in a Miles Mathis essay:
        – Partial derivatives
        – Gradient
        – Divergence
        – Curl
        – Parametric equations
        – Arc length
        – Line integrals
        – Linear algebra
        – Analysis
        – Topology
        – Wave propagation
        – Fourier analysis
        …and of course…
        – Differential equations of ANY kind

        • After reading his latest article, it’s apparent that Mathis doesn’t really understand high school algebra either. His math comprehension is roughly at the 8th grade level. He doesn’t even realize that most of what he is doing can’t be justified, and is basically just double-talk and hand-waving.

  20. Miles Mathis is writing about misdirection in science again. He should know a thing or two about misdirection.
    “Einstein never claimed that time was an illusion or that the future was set. We see this sort of misdirection all the time from these mainstream mags, who are always claiming Einstein believed something he never believed.” -Miles Mathis (“Is Time an Illusion? No!”)
    “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” -Albert Einstein, personal letter to the family of Michele Besso, March 1955

    • Just a few years back, Mathis was boasting that he was churning out a new science article every 4 to 5 days. Yet now, only three years later, he is hard-pressed to write even one science article a month.

      And his approach to the subject matter has also drastically changed. Mathis no longer writes about supposed errors that he has uncovered in mainstream math and physics (for instance, pi=4), but instead writes only a review of someone else’s book, article or movie. Mathis has turned into a science critic. Which is quite comical, since he knows very little about math or physics; he studied the liberal arts and ballet dancing while in college.

      I am eagerly awaiting the day that Mathis announces that he has become a ballet critic. If you are reading this Mathis, please give it serious consideration. We promise not to be too brutal; at least not during the first 5 minutes. But after that all bets are off.

      • Why would Mathis make this claim about Einstein, when anyone familiar with the role of time in physics is also familiar with this very famous Einstein quote? It is easy to claim Mathis’ ignorance, but I think the motivation is more insidious. Knowing that none of his fanboys or fangirls would ever actually LOOK UP what Einstein said about time, Mathis just writes whatever fantasy version of science history he likes, to suit his agenda.

        And that agenda, quite simply, is to repeatedly denigrate all mathematics that he doesn’t understand — calling it “purposely opaque, needlessly dense, and criminally complicated” (his latest essay). Keep in mind that a differential equation STILL has yet to appear in any Miles Mathis essay, other than one or two that he screenshot from Wikipedia before declaring how gosh darn opaque they are. Since differential equations describe pretty much any and all dynamic systems in the universe, this is unbelievable — until you realize that differential equations are taught in college. Every equation Miles Mathis has ever produced stops abruptly at 11th grade math. Because the CIA invented higher maths. When they weren’t faking Lincoln’s death. Or whatever.

        • It is very exhausting reading a Mathis science article. You have to verify and confirm everything he claims; nothing can be taken for granted. If Mathis quotes a scientist like Einstein, then you have to check the accuracy of the quote because Mathis invariably gets it wrong. Now whether this is just ineptitude on his part or outright deception is debatable; it’s probably a combination of both.

          And you are so right about his mathematics; Mathis neither trusts nor understands anything except high-school algebra. He does know how to find the derivative of a polynomial; but aside from that one simple procedure, all college-level maths exceed his meager abilities.

            • There is a point in every Mathis article where I feel an uncontrollable urge to go take a dump – the double flush variety.

              They should put a Miles Mathis book in every public restroom to stimulate bowel movement; ten times more effective than maximum strength Ex Lax.

    • Miles Mathis claimed that Stephen Hawking had said in 1988 that we would achieve omniscience within a decade.

      “The Big Brag hit what one might call a new crescendo in 1988 with the release of Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief History of Time. There Hawking claimed that we would achieve physical omniscience within a decade, and physics would be finished.”

      I re-read “A Brief History of Time” recently with this claim in mind and found no such statements in it by Hawking.
      Mathis has great difficulty doing plain reading.
      And he’s getting worse.

      • You’re right again. Here is the actual quote from Stephen Hawking:

        “I still believe there are grounds for cautious optimism that we may now be near the end of the search for the ultimate laws of nature.”

        It is completely different from the Mathis fabricated quote, and doesn’t even mention the word “decade”.

        • Mathis mostly gives me the impression his reading comprehension is faulty. Then he uses his skewed readings as evidence of error or deceitfulness in scientists, mathematicians and others.

          Mathis once barged into a polling place and tried to cast a write-in vote for an unregistered candidate, which voting rules clearly don’t allow. He tried to bully a precinct worker into accepting his vote for someone who didn’t even register his or her candidacy. She stood by the rules and he wasn’t able to waste the system’s time further by casting a bogus write-in ballot.

          Mathis whined:
          “I left the polling place without being able to exercise my right to vote, but this did not appear to concern her or anyone else in the room. Despite being decades younger than all the precinct workers, I was seen by them to be hopelessly outdated, a person of the past. I was not up with the times, and could be ignored as a non-person, with non-rights.”

          What the little moron meant was he left the place without being able to cast an invalid ballot. His rights were not violated, he just insisted the rules were not meant for him, his being ” decades younger than all the precinct workers” and all.
          Now that he’s 51, he can’t say that any more can he?
          Ha ha.

          • One gets the feeling that if Miles blew a tire on his vehicle — and by that, I mean his bicycle — he would go into the bike shop and demand to buy an inner tube that’s four times the radius of his bicycle wheel, and when informed that no such inventory is in stock, he’d rush home to write a “paper” about how his consumer rights were violated. Sheesh.

          • And how did his plan of write-in ballot voting anarchy work out? Miles predicted that by 2012, due to his own initiative, people would be allowed to vote by scrawling “Mickey Mouse” on a sheet of notebook paper. (Mathis is rivaled in prediction-failure only by Dick Morris.) “In 2012, we won’t see the early whittling down of candidates we saw this year. We won’t see the manipulation of the press and of the polls and of the machines, since all that will be over. Your choice as a voter will never be limited, down to the last moment, and everyone will know that. Candidates won’t have to bow out. They won’t have to collect signatures, they won’t have to go to conventions. They can tell super-delegates to take a hike.” -Miles Mathis, 2008

          • In that article, Pantload goes on and on about the Constitution, but he neglects the part of the Constitution that says states get to run the voting business within the state, in other words to set the rules without consulting him. There is in fact NO Constitutional right to vote.

  21. Is this some sort of argument by incantation? Everything you have Mathis saying is old news. How is this faith-based approach working for you? What is the matter with you? Are you a Jew? I am not finding much of an argument in the original post.

    • I haven’t updated the Mathis conspiracy theories in over two years. There are a whole slew of supposed faked deaths (John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Sharon Tate, et al.). But those theories are so ridiculous that I haven’t even bothered to keep the site up to date. What’s the point? Does anyone really believe that John Lennon and Elvis Presley faked their deaths and are still alive, as Mathis claims? It’s just too absurd and preposterous to warrant a rational discussion.

      Nonetheless, the original post does contain this little gem: “Proof from NASA that Pi is 4”; a full-scale conspiracy to hide from the public the true value of pi.

  22. wait a moment; is this the same MM that pretends to be an “real” artist?!? I’m confused, cause I stumbled over his artsy-page (, same site, only with the “w” between the names), only to see his crackpot-bullshit under the site-tag “science”…


    • Yes, this is the same Miles Mathis who was once an artist. Mathis ruined his art career by avoiding artistic training.
      He instead tried to emulate other artists’ works and painted mostly from photographs instead of from life. As a result he was never able to infuse his work with a sense of life and his colors remained muddy.
      Mathis made himself a pariah by becoming an “art critic”. On his website he posted bitter attacks upon fellow artists and criticized their work in long jealousy-inspired rants. His activity alienated collectors and art gallery owners and Mathis’ art career evaporated.
      Real smart, huh?
      Then again, Mathis always was a complete dolt.

      • Chantal,

        Your comments are welcome (even insults, if that’s all you’ve got); we don’t believe in censorship. But are you eventually going to get around to actually defending the Mathis theories? Cheerleading won’t persuade us.

        Please step up to the plate and defend the pi=4 theory. We wouldn’t be discussing Mathis at all, were it not for that theory alone; that’s where his initial notoriety originated. So please give us your best argument; defend the pi=4 theory. Or better yet, propose an experiment that will prove the validity of the theory (something Mathis has never done).

        • Urich,

          Insults are only dished out by you and the other sycophants that write hokum on this site. From what I read so far, Chantal had some very witty responses to your drivel. Calling it “insults” is attacking her in the same manner you attack Mr. Mathis. Just who do you arrogant lunatics think you are?

          Chantal already let you know that she is a Fashion Designer, NOT a Scientist. She has not refuted any of your “scientific findings” that anyone with a functioning brain would dismiss as gibberish. She also let you know that you won’t find a credible Scientist that would risk his/her career and openly respond on this site and I concur.

          Although I (mid 90’s) have a doctorate, I can’t make sense out of the “scientific” blather you present either, which is so confusing, that I doubt very seriously ANY Scientist could answer, even IF you were to find someone reputable willing to respond to the byzantine kitsch you present!

          From what I gather, Chantal responded to your feeble attacks on Mr. Mathis’ writings that had to do with “conspiracy theories” which I share as well. So, put a lid on it Mr. Ulrich, as I believe you are nothing but a paid shill. The fact that you insist on a scientific answer from someone not in a position to do so, borders on idiocy.

          I find Mr. Mathis very credible and even more so, quite Courageous! And if I had the funds I’d also drop a few million in the “kitty” just like Chantal said. To insult Chantal by claiming that her research consisted of “watching Alex Jones all day long” – can only come from someone quite perturbed — because — she hit a nerve!

          Someone forwarded me Chantal’s very COURAGEOUS videos and I have followed her clever and witty comments on several forums ever since. That lady is capable of taking on anyone with her quick wit; aside from keeping us in stitches.

          I also read most of what Mr. Mathis wrote; his witty style is — unfortunately for those wishing to have him dismissed — immensely appealing. You and your partners in crime stoop so low and totally distort some of his writings, even accusing him of pedophilia, when, again I have to agree with Chantal, it appeared he was reminiscing.

          You see, most of us who visit here are quite capable of realizing just what you try to do. I say “try” because I doubt you and the rest of the blustering fools will succeed, as the truth always wins out in the end, and don’t you EVER forget it!

          Now you have a wonderful day, Mr. Urich.

          Janet Wilkerson PhD.

          • You’re right about the inability of “Chantal” to substantiate anything Mathis writes. It appears you can’t either. In fact none of Mathis’ low-information “supporters” are capable of supporting his pseudoscience. None of them are bright enough to propose any experiment which would validate any of his claims.

            Why is that?

            It’s because Mathis is a lazy, inept, worthless kook and all he can attract is a few low-information conspiracy believers.

            • My goodness, it’s little Hermon again..

              Listen sport, how much more wild-eyed & egomaniacal can one get..?? Looks like you can’t hide your hatred, bet you’d bite your butt if you could.. lol.. Chantal happens to be my LEGAL middle name.. Allow me to inform you that calling someone “low information” because they don’t have a degree in Science is NOT quite normal, dimwit..

              I am fluent – speak, read & write five [!!] languages in: English, German, French, Italian & Russian; in addition, one of my walls is adorned with my very own PhD in Psychology.. ;>))

              Dr. Professor Wilkerson, Ret. also fluent in French.. If that looks like we are a couple of ding-bats to you, well.. I don’t give a flip.. Can’t speak for Dr. Wilkerson, but she can very well opine on her own..

              Keep calm or you end up with heart attack.. I wouldn’t want to be responsible, dear.. lol.. ;>))

          • Dr. Janet Wilkerson,

            Alright, so we have established that Chantal is not a scientist, and can’t realistically be expected to present a valid scientific argument. Fair enough. But on the other hand, you have a PhD, so defending the pi=4 theory should be a mere trifle for you; you must have taken, at the very least, an introductory calculus course. And besides, doesn’t everyone learn about pi in elementary school? If Chantal can’t handle the complexity of 6th grade math, well then perhaps you can.

            So the ball is now in your court Dr. Wilkerson. Please elaborate on why we should believe that pi is equal to 4, as Mathis contends?

            Incidentally, your annoying little friend, Chantal, is now claiming that she a PhD too. However, she doesn’t even realize that a doctorate in Psychology requires advanced mathematics for statistical analysis (which is a mandatory subject).

            • My “annoying little friend” has more courage in her proverbial pinky; you know the rest.

              You are a bunch of egomaniacal dolts out to destroy a man that is exposing SERIOUS fraud! You are not bright enough to do this on your own; you are hired hands and should be ashamed of yourselves!

              I am not interested in arguing with any of you, your insipid comments say it all, you make me SICK..

            • “I am not interested in arguing with any of you.” -DJWilkerson
              “It isn’t even worth going through the Wheeler-DeWitt equation line for line.” -Miles Mathis
              Birds of a feather.

              • Chantal and Wilkerson aren’t posting anything which indicate they’ve even read Mathis’ verbose garbage. Only when someone here makes a specific criticism do they respond, but only with junk replies. They are not competent to analyze science or math, but open wide to uncritically swallow whatever crackpot conspiracy Mathis comes up with.
                Ultralights, definitely.
                “His explanations are excellent”, Wilkerson claims.
                Actually, his explanations are excellent evidence of his being a crackpot.

          • Mathis, pi=4 = crackpot.
            Rodin and Harramein give strong indications that they are crackpots as well.
            Are you always so gullible?

      • Your non-defense of Twinkletoes Mathis is touching. The Designer out front while the diminutive crackpot hides behind her skirts.

        Mathis can’t tell truth from fiction.
        In his own bio, Miles Mathis attempted to steal credit for discovering an error on the 1980 PSAT.
        Mathis wrote:
        “He (Mathis) should be remembered by the takers of the PSAT, 1980, for questioning one of the answers on the math portion. The PSAT admitted its error and was forced to change all scores nationally.”

        This is not true.


        According to more reliable sources than his crackpot self,
        Mathis is a liar.

        • Did he steal a woman from you..? Is that where the incessant hatred comes from..? I am not into mathematics, I am a Designer & not exactly an imbecile [I was asked to join Mensa]
          You are so full of hatred you can’t even see clearly how others see you, SAD, actually..!! ;<((

          • You don’t have to be able to add or subtract to see from the above evidence that Mathis patently lied about his PSAT claim. But feel free to keep hiding behind your ignorance.

              • Liar, Liar,
                Miles Pantload Mathis on Fire.

                Are your afraid Mathis is a fraud? You should be.
                Wait till he gets into your pockets, “Feed the Web Kitty”.

                “Ain’t it hard when you discovered that
                He really wasn’t where it’s at
                After he took from you everything he could steal”
                B. Dylan

  23. Oh Miles Mathis, you’re adorable. Now he claims that “Pi Day” is being promoted (“On Chemtrails and Other Topics”) because of the “research” that he has published: “Could it have anything to do with the fact that that paper is gaining more traction every year, despite great efforts to surround it with noise and disinfo?” Yes, yes, the world is waking up to the undeniable fact that pi = 4, so the powers that be are promoting Pi Day. More and more people are questioning pi; just look on the internet! (Actually, do look on the internet. No one is talking about pi being wrong. No one but Mathis.)

    It must be nice to believe that the world revolves around yourself like that, huh?

    • Someone must be pushing a whole lotta’ change into your pocked..?! Why else are you plugging your view like a SICK nutcracker..?! Why do you care so much, let people believe whatever they WANT.. Belittling the man only makes YOU look like a psychopathic lunatic.. Have a great day, dear.. ;>))

      • So what do you, Chantel, think of the scientific ideas of Mathis? I note you say nothing on this, I assume you are not a scientist and therefore do not have the knowledge to understand the nonsense Mathis spouts. Before you ask yes I am a published scientist with a doctorate

          • So you are unable to defend any of the science Mathis writes. Why are you on this site? I know nothing about fashion and would not write articles attacking or defending fashion so how are you able to comment on Mathis? You said it yourself you know nothing about science…….dear.

              • Oh dear Chantal you are struggling aren’t you. Don’t care about the science! How could you, you cannot make a judgement on something you know nothing about. Regarding the conspiracy theories explain to me who has replaced Hawking as he died some years ago according to Mathis.

      • Chantal,

        We seldom get any true believers in Mathis and his unorthodox theories, but you are more than welcome to present your case. Perhaps you can begin with his best known theory: pi=4. Maybe you can persuade us to believe that pi is equal to four; Mathis couldn’t.

  24. Not only does Miles Mathis now claim that Stephen Hawking has died and has been replaced by an imposter (goo goo ka-choo), he claims that his “paper” instigated the CIA to launch a “death hoax” to “confuse” Mathis’ readers. Also, since he predicted that Hawking’s “real” death announcement was imminent, he has now decided that the CIA will likely delay releasing this announcement, so as to not confirm the prediction. Congratulations, Miles — you may have already won the argument that either Hawking’s death announcement will be made, or else it won’t be made.

    • As Dan Quayle(!) once said, “It’s a terrible thing to lose your mind”.

      Mathis is clearly a fool.
      His crackpot science theories give quite enough evidence of that.

      But his constant claims that people known to be dead are alive, people known to be alive are dead and people known to exist don’t exist would seem to place him in the category of the schizophrenic.

      The little crank is falling apart.

      • Mathis a crank but Hawkins a genius with his even more crackpot fairy tales and “gravity did it” The world has gone mad.

        • You can call Hawkins (sic) and his theories anything you want, just like your fellow science deniers can call global warming a fairy tale. But your opinion and that of other deniers doesn’t matter. Science is science, and all science deniers are ignorant. It’s a fact.

    • Denigrators like you attack the messenger instead of the subject matter. Why don’t you go through Miles’ paper on Hawking and rebut each point with the “truth?” Oh, wait, you don’t have the time? You just have enough time to post your imbecilic opinions. I think Miles is on to something. He may not be 100% right, but to dismiss it all is the height of ignorance. Go back to sleep.

      • Please note that you left this comment on a site devoted to rebutting Mathis’ mathematical disasters point by point. And, like any true conspiracy theorist, you didn’t bother to read these rebuttals, but instead reject the entire enterprise outright as somehow being “imbecilic opinions.” Nice job being a critical thinker.

        • Obviously you are ONLY interested in “mathematical rebuttals” for a reason.. individuals qualified to comment are not dumb enough to jeopardize their job/position by commenting here..
          I can see you don’t really have enough lackeys to reach critical mass, but give it another 30 years & you just might catch up..

          • Mathis has not had a single scientist support anything he says.

            Mathis is just a worthless internet kook, no different from any other kook such as the nearly as hapless Bill Gaede. He also has reformulated the world.

          • Not true Chantal. I am a chemist (PhD) and have contacted Mathis and asked him to explain some chemistry using his ideas on chemical bonding. He told me to Fu.k off. Care to comment

      • Totally agree with you.. Miles Mathis is DEFINITELY on to something.. Unfortunately, America is gullible, brain-washed & will believe anything the CIA controlled LYING media feeds them.. They see it on TeeVee & are convinced they get “news”.. lol..
        Don’t need to look further than the White House where two illegal queers park their butts & do their utmost best to take advantage of all America, but mostly blacks who feel they now have someone to look “UP” to.. SAD.. ;<(

        Hastert is a sick man, lets hope someone cleans out the White House, where many children come through..!! ;<((

        • Queers? Mostly blacks? Worst of all, Miles Mathis is on to something? You’re the one who’s sick. Oh and did you think Dennis Hastert lives in the White House or something? Wow. Just wow.

          • Queers: “Michael & I”..

            Mostly Blacks: Not all, but an awful LOT of blacks defend the 2 queers, no matter what they do/say because they ARE black..

            Hastert: Obviously Hastert is not in the White House.. however, Reggie Love, one of the queers lovers, whom h has not [yet] murdered, lost his 106K job in the WH because Reggie was accused of being a P-e-d-o-p-h-i-l-e..

            Michael, aka “Michelle” should leave the kids ALONE..

            Yes, just WOW..!!

            • And you’re sold on ballet dancer Miles “Twinkletoes” Mathis?
              Twinkletoes put the following in his “bio”:
              “With my girlfriend Gretchen” , caption of his photo at about age 6.
              “In grade school he was remembered by classmates for… his pretty girlfriends,…”

              According to his site, Miles Mathis got “carried away” at meeting a 7 year old girl:
              “some part of me, I know, has never gotten past that moment. It is still standing in that little front room, waiting for the heavens to fall or the ground to open up beneath my feet. I know it is impertinent, almost archaic, to be so carried away these days,”

              Mathis wrote in “On Prurience in Art”, I and II:
              “Look at Rodin, sleeping with everyone, to the benefit of his art. Perhaps we should require artists to sleep with everyone they paint or sculpt: then we might get some real emotion in art again.”

              Mathis posted the girl’s full name and area of residence on his site.

            • Ouch. This Miles Mathis apologist seems to do nothing else with her time than watch Alex Jones and Holocaust-denial videos on YouTube, calling Caitlyn Jenner a “creepy old man” (check her Twitter). So it’s most unfortunate that she gratuitously threw around the word “pedophile,” when the 50-year-old Mathis freely admits, in writing, that he lusts after 7-year-old girls. That’s gotta hurt!

            • Mathis is a coward.
              That’s why he can’t speak for himself.
              That’s why he has no way to reply on his site.

            • Yes, he is so courageous that he favors bullying women and criticizing their appearance.
              Twinkletoes Mathis walked into an art gallery without an appointment and tried to force the gallery owner to look at his work on the spot. When she declined Mathis yelled “F..k off” at her and left. Real courageous.

              Mathis published photos of Brigitte Bardot at 20 and 70 years of age and added the caption, “Life is cruel”, mocking her appearance at 70 years.

              He also messed up the portrait of a girl. It was criticized for the lips being painted “too big”. Instead of taking it like a man, in deference to a young girl’s feelings, he published a photo of her, with her full name, and the caption saying her lips “really are that big”.


              • Wow! I had never read that article until just now. It really exposes the deep psychological problems Mathis has in dealing with the pervasive rejection of his art. The man has an enormous chip on his shoulder, with frequent fits of rage and temper tantrums.

              • Until just a few years ago, large-format transparencies (not “slides”) were the norm. Mathis assumes that readers of his ugly screed won’t know that every gallery has (or had) a light table, and something called a loupe, which is a glass that allows you to examine the transparencies close-up. Either that or, he has never heard of a loupe or seen a light table in action, never been in any art director’s office, in which case he’s revealing that he knows nothing about how the commercial art world really works. Also, who would make a business decision based on one painting foisted at the owner in uncontrolled lighting conditions? None of it makes sense. Just pathetic.

              • I also like how he interpreted his rejection as a sign of his youthful appearance. Of course! his failure was because he looks so young and beautiful! He also let slip the fact that the gallery owner drives a Lexus while he rides a bicycle. The image of him attempting to sidle up to a clearly successful gallery owner, carting a painting on his bike, is just sad.

              • That article was such a piece of work, I had to read it again. I just have to quote this sentence — it sounds like Miles has just been reading his own “science” essays:
                “These pathetic people insert themselves into a field they know abstractly, if at all, based on no qualifications, and immediately start giving directions.”

    • Oh my, now the CIA controlled media announced that Hawking plans to commit suicide.. isn’t that just peachy.. lol.. ;>)) With any luck the gullible, brainwashed & severely dumbed down masses will FOLLOW, & VOILA — they might not have to make such an effort with their population [gun] control.. & from the comments one can ascertain America is not only gullible, but absolutely certifiably STUPID..!!

      • But you think it is smart to support a loon who claims Michael Jackson and John Lennon are alive. How gullible are you?
        You have not indicated you have even tried to fact check Mathis’ claims.
        Your belief in a despicable crackpot sitting in his hovel in New Mexico, typing nonsense, amid dust, mouse droppings and the odor of failure is touching.

        • That is exactly how I envision Mathis living; holed up in a dirt floor shack constructed from scrap wood and cardboard, next door to the city dump; electricity from an extension cord that leads to his neighbors trailer; a stolen shopping-cart parked outside; wearing a dirty, tattered leotard; living solely on bottle returns and handouts; irredeemably addicted to kiddie porn. The epitome of depravity and wretched failure.

          • I laughed at the mouse-droppings detail. But Miles lives in hantavirus country, and that’s no laughing matter (then again, I’m sure it’s just a creation of the CIA to stop him from publishing his courageous “papers”). His paranoid demeanor is actually more consistent with toxoplasmosis. So maybe he should lay off the kitty litter for a while.

            I disagree that he lives on bottle returns. He lives solely on handouts — from people who feed his web kitty, and who get fleeced attending his $400 made-up “physics conferences.” There was a recent news story about a man who lost $700,000 to a psychic. Perhaps when Mathis’ days as a “scientist” are over, this could be his next career move?

              • It is unclear why Chantal continues to defend the indefensible. She must be either Miles Mathis’ wife, or mom. What other woman would stand by nodding, while Mathis criticizes women for their physical imperfections, mocks older women for their age, and proposes sleeping around with as many women as possible to further his career, all while ogling young prepubescent girls? See no evil!!

  25. From his essay titled “Blank Space”: “We know Youtube has been caught suppressing numbers on videos they don’t like. See the top video on the Sandy Hook hoax, for instance, which went to 10 million hits within a few months, was linked to by mainstream sources, and then mysteriously froze when several mainstream sources started trying to debunk it. Its numbers have moved very little since then.” So let’s get this straight. It took YouTube and/or the mainstream several months to notice that a video on a major news event was getting millions of hits. Of course, several months. Then the mainstream/YouTube, which apparently “doesn’t like” the video, didn’t shut it down — it kept the video online — but its numbers stopped going up as fast. They didn’t go down, they just stopped going up at the same rate. I suppose Mathis assumes an infinite number of people exist who would be interested in an outrageous and insulting conspiracy theory, so the number should keep going up forever, exponentially. Yes, that’s exactly how viral videos work….

    YouTube and the mainstream also must not like the Dramatic Chipmunk. After all, the numbers on that video have barely moved for the past year! Let’s call it the Dramatic Chipmunk Conspiracy.

  26. The guy makes some good points but he doesn’t do his research very well. This is stuff that could take a few seconds. I found Robert Parker’s medical license page in about 5 seconds. I knew as soon as I look at the photo he said was Roman in the house and knew it was not Roman Polanski.

    • Who said cranks are harmless?

      Cranks put out false information. They can cause the same harm as liars and false advertisers. They mislead people. Mathis is a liar and a crank.

      He puts out false information which misleads people and there is nothing harmless about that.

      • The “harmless crank” is the scientific equivalent of that new breed of “satire news” website, which creates outrageous fake news stories for the sole purpose of generating clicks and ad revenue. They create general confusion, they add to the noise, and they make it increasingly difficult to distinguish carefully arrived at truth from patent lie — all to serve their own selfish purposes (please feed the web kitty). Harmless…no.

        • Of course, as long as he devotes his time writing 70-page essays trying to create new conspiracy theories about events that happened 50-150 years ago, there is no problem at all….

  27. I came across “his” Bob Dylan Exposed article though read several other papers on John Lennon, Tate/Manson Lincoln theories. I think it’s more than one person writing these and why is that it was very odd that he( Miles Mathis psuedonym? Math is?) stated that a 15 year old would be in middle school not high school. In US most start HS at 13-14 a few who skipped a year or so younger. Only a 15 year old in middle school would be one held back more than once or some other more dire circumstances (as coma etc).
    There is definitely talent in some of the analysis though I suspect that he is part of a group and maybe there’s more truth than not though seems to be part of an agenda. Mathis claims as his website he’s in Belgium (though not that it matters it’s humorous that it ties to doubtful World Super-Computer site story linked to Belgium it’s humorous though not as the data-mining storage sites who knows where and why).
    There’s an interesting read from Dave McGowan on his davesweb. do search for site blog called “Inside the LC: which is Laurel Canyon regarding the preponderance of Military Intelligence links to 60’s music scene icons etc. There is the whole book 20+ chapters of a few pages each and a telling read.
    If anyone has ever read “Black Gold Hot Gold” (4 chapters) by Marshall Smith who claimed to be former NASA scientist it’s also an interesting read and fits in with Inside the LC. in part regarding the controlled agendas of the time of 60’s movement with his chapter covering Nam era and Oil.
    All three of the above or the group impart some truths though as the McGowan is titled Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation it seems they are revealing true pieces of a puzzle(s) which are entertaining, thought-provoking and informative though they serve well in questioning taking things at face value. There’s a lot of propaganda though as was said “Truth is stranger than fiction”.
    “There is Truth in History though History is not the Truth” They do a good job as far as in the questioning though how much of truth they have hit upon or revealed who knows though kudos for some thought-provoking writing and enlightening insight even if there are errors much is revealing. As Benjamin Franklin may have said “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do”.
    Constructive criticism and pointing out his errors are not foolish though too many are fooled again and taken in by agendas by much more mainstream sources without questioning with parroting acceptance as such without thinking much about it. Left/right divide and conquer though there’s more than 2 sides and the left right wings of prey would prefer we not question their solutions or answers or agendas. Problem reaction solution.

    As for the many who are much smarter than the above D.C. could use all the help they can get with your fine minds at work who knows what can be accomplished? May God grant you peace and serenity and guide our ways.
    May God bless the Seekers who shall find the Truth that sets them free. It does seem that a lot of meek inherit the earth though may they go home as this is thankfully temporal. Peace on earth and Good Will to all men, mankind… seemed like peace was an hopeful achievable dream from the 70’s to and by the far-off the new millennium though where is the wisdom of childish dreams as (Voltaire Said: To Learn Who Rules You, Find Out Who You Can’t Criticize) from though who lead us to the war machines. As Black Elk Said “Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking”

    • Sorry, Ron, but Mathis is a crackpot, a crank, a kook and a loon. He has not lifted a finger to test any of his ideas. He has not proposed any experiments to test a single claim he has made. He merely strings his few followers along and begs for money for being a self-proclaimed “genius”.

      The most easily testable would be his pi=4 claim. Why then has he not done so? Because he knows he’s wrong and pi is 3.14…Proving that pi is actually the value we all know it to be would stick the pin into his gas-bloated ego. Would anyone still want to “Please Feed the Web Kitty”?

      Mathis is a lazy, pathetic bum, expecting handouts and giving nothing but untested garbage in return.

      Mathis wants to delay the moment of truth. The time is coming when someone will actually test one of his ideas and it will fail. He will then be presented with two equally unappealing choices: (1) do an experiment himself and have it fail to verify his claim (or fudge the results and get called on it), or (2) argue with the other person’s results and appear more of a loser than he is already.

      But Mathis is a lazy, incompetent gasbag. And what would a lazy dolt do? I bet he’ll do #2. It takes little effort and all Mathis ever does anyway is talk.

      • I honestly believe that it is already over, and his 15 minutes of fame have come and gone. Mathis is only putting up a false front in an effort to save face. His science output has dropped to a mere trickle. No one is buying anything he’s selling. I don’t expect there to be a 4th book; nor will there be another conference; just an urgent and desperate plea for donations, which will go unanswered.

        • Mathis’ theories have been soundly refuted many times. I will select his article, “The Hole at the Center of the Sun”, which was exploded by a reviewer on of Mathis’ first book, “the Un-Unified Field”. In the article Mathis attempts to discredit Wikipedia, saying it is based on lies. He attempts to discredit current theory by supposedly deceitful physicists about fusion at the Sun’s core and he does not think the Sun is very dense.

          Concerning the Sun’s density Mathis wrote:
          “Another problem is that a density of 150 times that of water is still not very high. Platinum at room temperature is 1/7th that dense. We can actually heat and pressurize platinum to densities nearing that, so it isn’t that extraordinary.”


          Mathis also claimed to quote Wikipedia’s Sun article when he wrote:
          “Wiki tells us the density of the Sun has dropped 20% in the last two decades, so the charge field has dropped about 20% in that time.”


          Several other Mathis blunders in his Sun article were revealed in the same review. Mathis has read the review. Readers have sent him emails listing the errors. As of 1/28/15 he hasn't corrected anything.

          Huge red flag.

          Credit for the above excerpts goes to the reviewer.
          See his full review, from Jan 21, 2011, at:

          Mathis just wants to contest any established belief whether or not he has a reason, or even any clear idea of what he is talking about. Mathis is really all about attacking establishments and he has little concern for learning, for science or for improving anything. Otherwise he'd set about testing his ideas so that, if any of them are verified, humankind can reap the benefits. He would be famous overnight.
          Instead, Mathis hides in his New Mexico hovel, sitting in his gym shorts typing out garbage on a personal website; a sloppy, lazy amateur taking on the world because it is easier than doing the work it takes to actually learn about it

          • He’s got a serious mental illness and mysterious access to funds, perhaps SSSI. He is after all trying to sell off his books, incl. fake dust jackets, for exorbitant prices.

      • Just a steady stream of invectives and ad hominem attacks. If you guys could debunk anything his says in his ‘opinion’ pieces you would. You can’t even correctly debunk and opinion piece without resorting to name calling and fallacious rhetoric. How telling is that?

          • Check her Twitter feed — “a lot of research” means watching Alex Jones videos all day long. LOL.

            • I have several TV & Internet shows running simultaneously.. Alex has a lot of info we can’t get otherwise.. ’bout 90% usually turns out credible.. Don’t know just what deal with the devil he made, but we get enough from him to warrant always further research, Mr. Dingggggggbat..!!

            • You must be a successful Spy, since you can see Chantal “watching” Alex Jones videos “all day long”? You most certainly are amazing.
              And YOU make fun of others?

            • You really ought to call this page “The Buffoonery”, would be so much more fitting, dear..!! You show off an assortment of little saps trying to escape mom’s basement.. But then, with an absent, or no dad at all, I can understand why their vocabulary is limited to specialized, technical terms such as “WTF” etc..

              Michael Norris on June 3, 2015 at 2:22 pm said:
              Ouch. This Miles Mathis apologist seems to do nothing else with her time than watch Alex Jones & Holocaust-denial videos on YouTube, calling Caitlyn Jenner a “creepy old man” (check her Twitter). So it’s most unfortunate that she gratuitously threw around the word “pedophile,” when the 50-year-old Mathis freely admits, in writing, that he lusts after 7-year-old girls. That’s gotta hurt!

              Mentally letting your mind wander back to a time when a little boy was enchanted with a little girl is called “R-E-M-I-N-I-S-C-E”, Mr. Yokel..!! & although 90% of the populous are stupid, those who wind up on this page can hardly be accused of being so dense that they don’t catch your INSIPID & SICK, insinuations..!!

              Busy little Hermon posted: Mathis wrote in “On Prurience in Art”, I & II:”Look at Rodin, sleeping with everyone, to the benefit of his art. Perhaps we should require artists to sleep with everyone they paint or sculpt: then we might get some real emotion in art again.”

              Dear little house buffoon boy Hermon: Any bright 12 year old understands that this was meant in JEST.. Why do you insist on insulting readers’ intelligence is somewhat beyond me.. But then, most here are little sycophants with single digit IQ’s, only following their masters’ orders..

              Appears your talent is limited to distortios, little Norris.. Which makes me EXTRA confident that Miles Mathis’ claims ARE truthful.. Personally I really don’t care whatever Bruce, or any other person like him aspire to, as long as they leave babies & little kids alone..

              We live in a strange time when schools are virtually forced to lecture five [!!] year olds on homosexuality.. It’s preisely why I do NOT throw “pedophile” around gratuitously.. America should be SERIOUSLY concerned, not only what goes on around us, but what is happening in our White House, where perhaps some of the most heinous crimes occur without any outsider ever becoming aware..

              Especially, since two queer cocaine addicted grifters, that have no business living there & have no earthly idea just how to exist without lying, park their illegal butts..

              Reggie Love, one of the “male” [many idiots call him “p”, sorry, I can’t] queer’s b/f lost his 96K WH ‘position’ [one of Reggie’s jobs was to wake the affirmative action punk] Reggie’s “position” was eliminated when word got out that he was “suspected” of being a pedophile.. After Reggie’s “resignation”, the “Putz Limo” made it’s way to Reggie’s abode each morning & stayed for around 45 minutes or so.. Think anyone here believes that Reggie was actually JOB-LESS..?? ;>))

              I don’t really care what consenting adults do, or with whom they do it with.. But am very MUCH concerned should there be children involved.. Unfortunately, I have a VERY uneasy feeling what might be found inside this Whore-House, I mean.. White House.. !!

              The one playing “female”, aka Michael Robinson, shows a highly unusual interest in not only small children, but also what they ingest, when it’s really none of his business.. “Michelle” also finally stopped wearing extra wide skirts [to convince idiot lemmings] he really is female..

            • What? You realize you just defended a 50-year-old man who wanted to have sex with his 7-year-old model “Tess”…or did you not read that way-creepy article?

    • Ron,

      It does not matter how well you present your arguments, which they definitely are.. These blustering sanguine egomaniacs are out to DESTROY.. They want BLOOD & will not accept the truth, no matter in what form it presents itself.. They twist & turn the most innocuous sentence to their advantage..

      I don’t agree on that “more than one person writes”, as I find the syntax much the same throughout..

      Frankly, I strongly believe we are dealing with a load of cocaine addled, incredibly strung out followers of the “head megalomaniac” that somehow has it in his mind that he WILL & CAN annihilate someone that dared exposing the truth..!! Glad that Miles does not reside in the US & so hope that he has protection..

      • Mathis lives in New Mexico.
        His stooge, Steven Oostdijk, a resident of California, formerly lived in the Netherlands. He hides this to obscure the fact he allows Mathis to go on websites posing as Oostdijk. This is intended to make it look like Mathis has an objective other person who has the time to place more than 800 posts defending his pseudoscience.
        It’s Mathis writing these posts under the name, “Steven Oostdijk”.
        Liar, crank and coward.

          • You mean you didn’t know where Mathis lives and never bothered to find out.

            You apparently didn’t get your facts straight before writing. Mathis writes that way also. He sure hopes you don’t check his “facts”.

            • I am not interested in spying on the man, or anyone else, for that matter..

              You boys really ought to calm down, because you come off as VERY troubled lunatics.. lol.. Only psychopaths are on your side.. they may not know why, but — lets say it’s the “birds of a feather” thingy.. lol..

              • You admit to supporting ideas you don’t know about. You didn’t know where Mathis lives. You don’t know science. You don’t know math. You don’t know Mathis is a creep. All you can do is bleat “He’s on to something”.

                Yet you’re carrying water for the sawed-off worthless kook, a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks John Lennon faked his own death in order to go on tour as a John Lennon tribute performer!
                He’s on to something alright…. he’s on goofballs from the sound of him.
                Clair de Loon, definitely.

              • Oh my, Hermon.. you keep that up & you’ll end up with a heart attack, boy..

                I never said I don’t know Math &/or Science.. only that I do NOT like the subjects, therefore, I do NOT wish to discuss them..

                I hope you’ll survive the fact I don’t care where Miles lives.. ;))

              • I wonder why you left out my suspicion.. remember- my last comment- the thought had crossed my mind, that perhaps one, or all of you, ARE Miles.. & therefore, you are trying to get me/us to get upset over say, X, Y or Z.. & I might say something to “show you”..

                Boys, I am not dim-witted enough, nor do I care.. Now all of you little hillbillies have a wonderful day.. ;>))

    • Ron J. you’re wrong about age range for middle school in the U.S. It used to be called ”junior high school” and be grades 7 and 8, now it’s ”middle school” and grades 7,8, and 9. So 15 is totally believable, This might be a case where he got something right.

  28. Miles has a classic self-contradiction in his latest essay, “Photons Below c?” At the top of page 3: “…it is the wrong answer, because c isn’t an average. They know this from other experiments, but you aren’t told that. As just one example, NASA reported in 2012 that no delay had been discovered in light of different energies arriving from vast distances.” Compare to “More Proof of the Reality of the Charge Field”: “Charge photons emitted by the electron are going somewhat faster than c. The speed of light may be an average.”

    For someone who doesn’t trust the government, it’s a little strange that Mathis is quoting NASA experiments to prove his earlier self wrong!

    • Mathis simply can’t keep track of all the wild-eyed, unsubstantiated claims he has made over the last decade.

      His latest article (“Photons slowed below c? Not really.”), contradicts his previous claim that “c” is just an average value; and that photons are capable of speeds above and below “c”.

      But then, Mathis routinely contradicts himself all the time; so that’s no surprise.

      What is surprising is that Mathis suddenly has faith in NASA; the same organization that is supposedly concealing the true value of pi.

      I’m torn between pitying the poor wretched numbskull, or just openly laughing at him; but usually opt for the latter.


    Blunderkind Mathis has a serious problem being honest.
    So far…
    UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, Austin, Texas. 1982-1984.
    HAVERFORD COLLEGE, Haverford, Pennsylvania. 1981.
    …his dishonesty has already been exposed in that there is no record I could find of his ever having completed a single course at the LBJ school. But he also left Haverford College after just one semester. So much for his “education” at that institution. Therefore two out of the three “education” references are bogus.

    Mathis continues his deception by listing the art galleries which supposedly represent him…
    DASSIN GALLERIES, Los Angeles, CA.
    THE GRAPEVINE, Oklahoma City.
    THE PARK PLACE GALLERY, Overland Park, KS.
    KUNSTZAK GAREMIJN, Bruges, Belgium.
    MARC LACROIX, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, agent.
    I found that the Dassin, Park Place, Metropolitan and Garemijn galleries closed several years ago. The Buffalo Trail Gallery, which Mathis provided an inoperable link for, has been closed for at least five years. The good news for art lovers is that Grapevine and Greenlane are still in operation. Mathis is not represented by either. And as for Marc Lacroix, “agent”, who cares? There is no listing to distinguish him as having anything to do with art.

    The latest listing in Mathis’ resume is for 2008, so this is not merely a case of out of date references. Mathis seems to have let these gallery listings stand to give the false impression he is a viable artist. This is typical of Mathis.

    • Your investigative work just confirms what many of us have suspected all along; Mathis is a fraud in every sense of the word. Not only are his theories make-believe, but his entire biography is a work of fiction too.

      It wouldn’t come as a surprise if most of his artwork is also phony. However, I am inclined to take him at his word when he claims to have previously been a amateur ballet dancer; that, and that alone, is probably his only real accomplishment.

      Fortunately, the whole sordid saga has just about reached the end. His credibility is hovering near zero. His books and paintings won’t sell. And his disenchanted followers have already jumped ship, leaving only the most gullible behind.


    Mathis, the manbaby, turned 50 years old last year. The years have not been kind to the Blunderkind and, to no one’s surprise, it is Mathis’ own fault.
    Some years ago Mathis supposedly hired somebody employed by a circus to “compile” his “biography”. I suspect he “compiled” that hyperbolic work of fiction himself, since it consists mostly of unsubstantiated personal “recollections”.
    In this sickeningly egotistical bio, Mathis continually strives to portray himself as a “genius”. Along the way he veers off from mere self-aggrandizement to making apparently false statements. Some of them are:

    “As a young teenager Miles was one of the top junior golfers in the state, winning many regional tournaments.”

    “He should be remembered by the takers of the PSAT, 1980, for questioning one of the answers on the math portion. The PSAT admitted its error and was forced to change all scores nationally.”

    “He turned down several scholarship offers in engineering, including one to Rice, instead choosing to study liberal arts at Haverford College. Unhappy there, he followed a girlfriend to the University of Texas, Austin, after only one semester.”

    “Miles’ strip Squib was published for three years to wide acclaim and national awards before being picked up for syndication by King Features as part of The New Breed.”

    “LYNDON B. JOHNSON SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS, Austin, Texas. 1984. A two-year masters program in politics and management. Full Merit Scholarship. Withdrew to pursue art career.”

    “The finest chocolate and beer in the world could remove him instantly from the messiest squabble, keeping his face unlined and his eyes bright and his brush hand (the left) steady.”

    So now, at age 50, Mathis’ chickens have come home to roost. His lost opportunities have come back to haunt him. His inadequate education and his obnoxious personality have crippled him. All that is left to him now is braying in the wilderness about physics being corrupt and about Sharon Tate, Michael Jackson and John Lennon having faked their own deaths.

    • Very good investigative work! A simple Google search turns up multiple articles on the 1980 PSAT exam, and how Daniel Lowen is the person credited with discovering an error in one of the math questions; not Mathis.

      And it’s a safe bet that many of the other claims in the Mathis bio are also fictitious.

    • Oh where is our friend Chantal now with her “research”? Surely there must be a YouTube video exposing the 1980 PSAT conspiracy to prevent the great Miles Mathis from getting his due recognition!

      • You really ought to call this page “The Buffoonery”, it would be so much more appropriate, dear..!! You show off an assortment of little saps trying to escape mom’s basement.. But then, with an absent, or no dad at all, I can understand why their vocabulary is limited to specialized, technical terms such as “WTF” etc..

        Michael Norris on June 3, 2015 at 2:22 pm said:
        Ouch. This Miles Mathis apologist seems to do nothing else with her time than watch Alex Jones & Holocaust-denial videos on YouTube, calling Caitlyn Jenner a “creepy old man” (check her Twitter). So it’s most unfortunate that she gratuitously threw around the word “pedophile,” when the 50-year-old Mathis freely admits, in writing, that he lusts after 7-year-old girls. That’s gotta hurt!

        See, mentally letting your mind wander back to a time when a little boy was enchanted with a little girl is called “R-E-M-I-N-I-S-C-E”, Mr. Yokel..!! & although 90% of the populous are stupid, those who wind up on this page can hardly be accused of being so dense that they don’t catch your INSIPID & SICK, insinuations..!!

        Busy little Hermon posted: Mathis wrote in “On Prurience in Art”, I & II:”Look at Rodin, sleeping with everyone, to the benefit of his art. Perhaps we should require artists to sleep with everyone they paint or sculpt: then we might get some real emotion in art again.”

        Dear little house buffoon boy Hermon: Any bright 12 year old understands that this was meant in JEST.. Why do you insist on insulting readers’ intelligence is somewhat beyond me.. But then, most here are little sycophants with single digit IQ’s, they only know how to follow their masters’ orders..

        Appears your talent is limited to distortions, little Norris.. Which makes me EXTRA confident that Miles Mathis’ claims ARE truthful.. Personally I really don’t care whatever Bruce, or any other person like him aspire to, as long as they leave babies & little kids alone..

        We live in a strange time when schools are virtually forced to lecture five [!!] year olds on homosexuality.. It’s precisely why I do NOT throw “pedophile” around gratuitously.. America should be SERIOUSLY concerned, not only what goes on around us, but what is happening in our White House, where perhaps some of the most heinous crimes occur without any outsider EVER becoming aware.. Especially, since two queer cocaine addicted grifters, that have NO business living there & have also no earthly idea just how to exist without non-stop lying, have the gall to park their illegal butts..

        Reggie Love, one of the “male” [many idiots call him “p”, sorry, I can’t] queer’s b/f lost his 96K WH ‘position’ [one of Reggie’s jobs was to wake the affirmative action punk] Reggie “position” was eliminated when word got out that he was “suspected” of being a pedophile.. After Reggie’s “resignation”, the “Putz Mobile-Limo” made its way to Reggie’s abode each morning & stayed for around 45 minutes or so.. Think anyone here believes that Reggie was actually JOB-LESS..?? ;>))

        I don’t really care what consenting adults do, or with whom.. But am very MUCH concerned should there be children involved.. Unfortunately, I have a VERY uneasy feeling what might be found inside this Whore-House, ahem.. White House.. !!

        The one playing “female”, aka Michael Robinson, shows a highly unusual interest in not only small children, but also what they ingest, when it’s really none of his business.. In addition to continuously giving America the *one finger salute* “Michelle” no longer finds it necessary wearing extra wide skirts [to convince idiot lemmings] he really is female..

        • Miles Mathis admits being attracted to 7-year-old girls, and was caught lying about the 1980 PSAT. What do you have to say about that?

          • He said NO such thing; reminiscing about a girl he liked way back then does not mean he is attracted now.. You truly are one mean, sick ba^%$rd..

            You should REALLY be concerned about what is going on in the Whore House, i.e. White House.. Who knows just how many children ARE actually abused there..

            • I like how every time it’s revealed that this 50-year-old man creepily admits to being attracted to little girls, you pivot to some fantasy about the White House. As if that’s what this blog is about!

              • You can slander all you want.. I am very much tuned in to pedophilia & would out anyone in a second if I were convinced your lies were fact..

                My goodness, you really MUST be SO envious of this man, I find him absolutely brilliant..!! ;>))

              • If you are so tuned in, you obviously never looked at Mathis’ “Tess Book.” How would you feel if a middle-aged man wanted to publish a book of pictures leering at your prepubescent daughter and only your prepubescent daughter? Gee, I wonder why no publisher wanted to touch this project with a ten-foot pole….

              • Is that your standard of innocence, that someone does not admit to something?
                Few people admit anything.
                If you get selected for jury duty, will you admit your bias in favor of believing non-admissions equal innocence?
                Ha ha ha.

  31. Mathis is a full-time bungler. He routinely takes working models and inserts his pet theories, never bothering to experiment. Mathis’ pi=4 has been refuted so many times that it has affected the way people see his other opinions. One suspects Mathis knows it is wrong and he is suffering for it. He’s become reclusive and his manic writing of further useless “papers” (at a rate of one every three days) is indicative of his desire to avoid experimenting. He avoids experimenting because it would quickly prove him wrong.

    Mathis is in a trap of his own construction. After criticizing almost everyone, he has let stand the biggest, most easily avoided blunder of his sorry career as an internet amateur scientist… pi=4. Anyone coming to his site and reading the pi=4 article, must wonder: “If he can’t navigate the path to pi=3.14, what else has he screwed up on?”

    This is not an idle question.

    His “paper”, “Lift on a Wing” can stand as a template for his bumbling methods. In this “paper”, Mathis ridicules the idea that angle of attack and airfoil shape contribute to lift.

    (1) He posts a photo of two fighters, one of them upside down, to support his claim that even flying perfectly level and upside down, lift is still achieved. This is false. A mere photo cannot show an aircraft’s inclination relative to direction of flight when there is nothing but sky as background. Mathis thinks that because the photo seems to show the fighters aligned at level on a page of a computer screen, that they were aligned perfectly level in reality when actually flying. This is an error a first grader would make.

    (2) He posts a photo of an airliner on a runway to support his claim that lift can be achieved for takeoff without angle of attack ( angle of attack is the degree to which the leading edge of a wing is elevated above the trailing edge relative to the direction of travel in level flight).
    That angle of attack does not contribute to lift is a false idea based on Mathis’ ignorance of flight dynamics and aircraft design. Airfoils produce their own lift and angle of attack increases lift. Some aircraft have symmetrical airfoils which produce little lift and depend on angle of attack and control surfaces to achieve takeoff and landing.

    (3) He posts a photo of an airliner about to lift off the runway with its nose elevated to illustrate his claim that the nose has lift even though it isn’t a wing. The nose has no capability to produce lift. The nose of an airliner lifts because the pilot puts the elevator flap in the tail section in the “up” position, which pushes the tail down and the nose up, during takeoff.

    In all this Mathis clearly demonstrates his misunderstanding of what flight is and how airplanes achieve it. If he were not such a dolt he would have researched the subject with the intent to actually learn, instead of finding imaginary ammunition to fire at scientists.

    But Mathis is intent on squeezing out alternate theories at everyone else’s expense. He is too lazy and incompetent to learn his subject before writing about it. So, what is Mathis’ explanation as to why airplanes fly? What does he say produces lift on a wing? He claims that lift is provided by the “buoyancy” of air and the ” charge ” field. And he proposes no experiment of course. He’s too lazy.

    I don’t think Mathis is bright enough to really learn anything. He just manipulates existing material so as to insert his theories and assume the pose of a thinker. He merely degrades the understanding of any given idea so that he can get to what he really wants to do… which is to attack almost everybody, and learning be damned. But he has failed to do anything but expose his own incompetence. His few fans have mostly fallen away. They realize Mathis is wrong. They finally realize that Mathis’ “papers” are worthless and that he is really nothing but a crackpot.

    • Well, it’s what dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorists do: Start with an agenda that they have convinced themselves is correct (charge field stacked spins blah blah blah); attack anyone and anything that would easily prove their agenda wrong; show carefully selected photographs out of context, with questions crafted to appeal to child-like minds (“Does this look like xxx to you?”); withhold, ignore, or do not bother to learn about relevant information that would answer the “tough” questions (such as why the nose of a plane lifts up); and then declare victory without entertaining dissenting commentary. Rinse and repeat, early and often.

  32. Uber-nut Mathis made the Huffington Post a while back,, when one of its feature writers defended the art form against Mathis’ jealous whining. You see, Mathis considers himself a poet. Because others generally don’t, he gets mad at those who are recognized for their poetry.
    In his own essay on the subject of performance poetry,, Mathis reveals he got his feelings hurt during poetry readings. Seems his efforts were not appreciated. And listen to him whine…

    “If you read a slam poet’s poem, you find almost no art left.

    To prove this let me give you an example. I have been to several slams. I even competed in one back in the early 90’s in Austin. I treated it like a reading, and simply tried to read my traditional poem with a beautiful voice, with full emotion. I am pretty sure I succeeded in that. But that is not what slam poetry is about, as you are probably aware. I didn’t get a single vote. No one knew what I was talking about. My dream imagery confused them, and my vocabulary was beyond them. Although I often rhyme, my rhymes are too far apart to be recognized by slammers. They are used to rhymes that are within three words of each other, not end rhymes or distant internal rhymes. They also have no appreciation of other types of form, since these forms are invisible in spoken poetry. I passed out copies of my poem, to encourage them to read along while they listened, but this was considered either odd or extraneous, and no one did it. They missed the beauty of the composition, from the meter to the length of the line to the shape of the words on the page. All that art was lost to them.

    I listened to the other competitors and was not impressed.”

    “with a beautiful voice, with full emotion”
    “I didn’t get a single vote”
    “They missed the beauty of the composition”

    Seriously? What an egotistical flake.
    I’ve read some of his “poetry” and he is untalented in that area, in my opinion.
    Mathis can’t bear being ignored.
    He also can’t bear learning how to do something well or correctly.

    • Regrettably, I made the stomach-turning mistake of reading that nauseating drivel Mathis calls his poetry. In a word: HORRIBLE!

      To his credit though, Mathis can play the piano and paint reasonably well. But he has no talent at all when it comes to poetry. And as everyone already knows, he’s just plain clueless as a physicist and mathematician.

  33. Mathis is really loosing it. Go check his site for August 2014. It’s another conspiracy theory even featuring Russell Brand being a CIA agent! Mathis really is a strange person

    • Lately, Mathis seems to be devoting all of his time to conspiracy theories. Maybe he has finally caught on to the fact that no one is buying his “stacked-spin charge field” malarkey, and has decided to cozy up to the Alex Jones crowd instead.

      • Go check his latest contribution! It concerns the role of his charged field in evolution. I tend to only take a occasional interest in his musing these days, what’s the point?

  34. This Miles Mathis quote makes me think hard about whether he’s been trolling us all this time. From “The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked”: “The first strange thing to note is that the encyclopedia sites can’t figure out when either test took place … Wikipedia tells us they took place on June 30 and July 24, or July 1 and July 25. It looks like they could [sic?] get the story straight, after 68 years. I will be told that one is local time and one is UTC, but we don’t need both times. Choose one.”

    So Mathis points out a suspicious anomaly, then figures out his own misunderstanding two sentences later, but keeps it in his essay regardless. Why throw out evidence for a conspiracy theory, just because you’re admitting it’s not evidence?

  35. “Along with IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes is one of the top online review sites for new
    movies. So a lot of people base their movie choices on the scores at these places. Like everything else, these scores are rigged. A large percentage of the ‘counted’ reviews are written by embedded Intelligence agents, so—like the Academy Award nominations—these reviews simply act as promotion by the CIA for their own movies. You will ask for proof of that assertion, but the 92% score is proof enough by itself.”
    -Miles Mathis, displaying his usual ultra-rigorous standard for supporting a strong assertion with strong evidence.

  36. Like Steve, owner of this blog, I’ve kind of lost interest in debunking Miles Mathis. Fish in a barrel. But that doesn’t stop me from checking up on what laugh-worthy pursuits he’s up to. Seems his latest conspiracy theory is that Abraham Lincoln’s assassination was faked! Scrolling through quickly, I noticed that one of Mathis’ “red flags” is that nobody stopped the knife-wielding John Wilkes Booth when he hit the stage of Ford’s Theater. “Not one man in the theater has a gun or sword, during the Civil War?” Mathis asks. Funny thing, actually the Civil War was over. “Do you really think the President traveled in public during the Civil War without guards?” Um yes, because the Secret Service wasn’t guarding the president yet and in those days you could walk up to the White House and knock and the president himself might answer. And again, the Civil War was over. “This was 1865 during a Civil War,” he writes a little later. Are we really expected to take seriously a 30-page article on this historical event, when the writer doesn’t even know how it relates to the timeline of the Civil War?

    “Given the story we have been told, we should never have been convinced of the murder of Lincoln. We never had any real evidence for it.” So a dead president with a bullet wound in the back of the head isn’t enough evidence, huh? I guess not, when faced with Miles Mathis’ stunning 2014 analysis of shadows in photographs of Booth and his family members (p. 22).

    Of course, in another new article, Mathis claims that the Isla Vista killings were faked and no one died. The shooter was the son of a Hollywood director who worked on “The Hunger Games,” you see, and the author of “The Hunger Games” lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, site of another conspiracy. Because when you’re fabricating events as part of a 150-year-old multinational coverup of murder and terrorism, of course you want to leave playful little clues everywhere, like the Beatles in the late ’60s.

    • All interest in Mathis has nearly evaporated. His latest book was a colossal flop, and just about everyone has written him off as a misinformed screwball and crank.

      Like you, I occasionally look at his website (just to laugh at his madcap antics); and I do make an occasional comment, here and there. But his 15 minutes of fame have come and gone. No further criticism is even necessary; people automatically burst out laughing every time his name is mentioned.

    • According to Wikipedia, Lincoln was assassinated only five days after Lee’s surrender and there was continued Confederate resistance for a couple of months after that. So in all fairness, the war was not quite over.

      • Yes, I noticed that too mcgee, and two wiki pages confirm it with some secondary sources, though I didn’t check them all out. That matches what I l;earned when I took history, but this is a character assassination blog anyway, so what does anyone expect. It’s all hit pieces and ad hominem attacks. I like Mathis for his work in the ‘conspiracy theory’ area, what ever new interpretation of craziness the counter critics are apply to that idiom these days (conspiracy theory, also known as uncomfortable peeks behind the curtain of the epistemic autocracy you people call reality), but as I understand it he has some very well refuted math and physics claims. I’m not well versed in advanced maths or physics, so I have very little to contribute on that front. I have a friend who has a math degree, and he told me he read three of Mile’s essays on calculus and that they were BS, so I guess I can accept that even though it’s anecdotal. I don’t understand why people go after his political and or conspiracy writings so hard, he does good photo analysis and it’s all basic critical thinking. I have found no major errors in his logic in regard to his political papers and writings, and he usually dictates in the beginning, at least with some of the later ones, that these are opinions. That should be painfully clear to anyone who reads them, unless they are not paying much attention which clearly all his critics here are not, because he has very little in some article in the way of citations. But having no citations, and then saying this is opinion, there is no contradiction there. If he had better citations he could make claims of having proof of some sort, even if it was circumstantial. I have looked into a few of his claims that he makes, without citations and found the same information, and most of the rest is pretty common sense stuff, so I don’t get all the character assassination stuff, but like I said, I’m not a math or physics guy.

  37. Miles Mathis is fabulous. I wish I had the time, skill, and imagination to come up with one tenth of his ideas. No matter if they are true or false, they are all of interest and keep the internet buzzing with detractor tracts and more. He can paint too. And sculpt. I think his close involvement with the numerous nude women, all seem to look top of the line, is the real detractor for his opposition.

    Well, I have to go. The CIA, NSA, and others are banging at the front door and the FBI is digging about my shit shack.

  38. Math is not the source of reality or what we observe as physics, its our finite measurement and relative understanding, is it not? I’m no mathematician, but I can see where math is limited and not absolute. Divide by zero. define infinity. and your happy with that? Mathis may be nutty, but arguing one math against another math is about as sensible as arguing one god vs another. I give him credit for thinking outside of the box and being creative with what 99.9% of people take unquestioned as science gospel. If you can make it work, and it works for you, then it’s real for you, whether that’s proving pi can be defined and worked out in multiple ways vs the most widely accepted, or praying with your hands folded vs bowing on your knees. To me, they may all be right, they may all be wrong, but they are all worth documenting and supporting as long as they are constructive and inspiring. I’m sure before the earth was proven round, it was thought by someone to be a new geometric shape with millions of tiny little steps, stairs, or peaks and valleys. Ultimately, they may all be true, they may all be insane, but can you wrap your head around how or do you cast everything daring into cynicism because you simply do not think outside of your comfort zone? Dare to be wrong, dare to be a disruptive idiot. This is where art and science overlap and sometimes change the world, so believe what you want, but at least respect that from your comfort zone. Can I get a helyeah. :-P

    • It’s great to be disruptive in science. But if one’s ideas in science (as opposed to art) are challenged, the scientist is obliged to defend them if he/she expects the ideas to be taken seriously. Mathis does not do this; he does not debate his ideas publicly and does not engage the criticism, except to drive-by and insult his critics. That’s fine in art but not science. Also science, unlike art, needs to serve a purpose, or else it is pointless (or, at best, is metaphysics, which is in fact what MM practices). MM’s theories may be “explanations” to some, but they serve no practical purpose. Regarding “If you can make it work…” well, the truth is MM can’t make it work. Visit any of the other posts here (particularly Differential Calculus and Variable Acceleration), and read the exchanges in the comments, to see what I mean.

      • To clarify, “hell yeah” to sean p above.
        All I can say is that this website seems bogus because if mm were as idiotic as they say here, why create a website about it? (put on your thinking caps children)
        why does it bother y’all so much?
        I’ve read a lot of his essays, they are brilliant on their face, even if fiction; his rant against the art establishment makes total sense; his paintings are beautiful; in sum, Who (Who?) would waste time slapping this guy around? I smell something stinky here

        • My points exactly..!! Horayyyy..!! I haven’t had much time to peruse all of the comments until now.. These guys have absolutely gone berserk & what for..? My best guesstimate is that someone is paying them to go after Mr. Mathis.. & have been unable to locate him.. Hence are just about beside themselves.. Even resort to vicious belittling, “sigh”..

          • Mathis’ many mistakes have been regularly noted on websites since 2010.
            If you’re as ignorant about science and mathematics as you say, then fair enough.
            You’re not able to check Mathis’ math. You cannot evaluate his theories.

            So, as you said before, “why do you care what others believe?”
            Mathis makes ad hominem attacks on scientists and others all the time.
            Why object to his getting as good as he gave?

            The idea that his critics are paid is an old Mathis trick.
            It is just as likely that he pays some of his supporters.
            So what?
            He’s already admitted to slithering around on the internet posting support for his idiotic theories under assumed names.

          • @Chantal,I am thoroughly enjoying seeing you dismantle the jealous jackasses on here.Too bad they see pedophilia where it isn’t(Mathis’ 7 year old subject)and don’t see pedophilia where it is(White House and most major power centers).They could look up G.H.W. Bushs relationship to the Franklin Coverup or the 1989 front page story from the Washington Times about underage prostitutes being given midnight tours of the White House or Jimmy Savile or the Catholic church or Hastert or the ties that Jerry Sandusky has to organized pedophile rings involving the rich and powerful but…to them,Mathis is the guilty one and the above examples are “Alex Jones kookery”.Too bad because it could be verified to a reasonable,average person via a Google search.

            • Chantal is a low-information conspiracy believer who can’t dismantle anything. No wonder Mathis has gotten nowhere. Not only is he wrong, his few defenders are clueless.
              If your post is an example of what Mathis calls “support”, it is no wonder he is a failure. With his only “supporters” being from kookosphere, Mathis is doomed, always was, always will be. He’ll never be anything but a worthless crackpot.
              Steven Oostdijk, his most energetic stooge,
              has apparently walked away from him.
              Mathis’ laziness and stupidity finally became too much.

              By the way, reasonable people do not believe conspiracy theories they find on Google search. Unless actual verification can be made, theories remain theories.

  39. For those who perhaps reasonably think that there is some aspect of Mathis’ life which is rational, sane and logical, I must propose that this is not likely. Mathis is a thoroughgoing, deep-fried crackpot. Everything he puts his hand to turns to crackpottery. His endeavors are marred by errors which he is too much of a crank to see or to correct once they are seen.

    For example, on his website he describes in agonizing detail his selection of a name for his “art guild”, which he wanted to call “The Guild of the White Stone”. Fair enough, he only had two members, himself and one other man. But our New Leonardo then decides to change it into French, and naturally botches the task.

    Our genius calls it “La guilde de la Blanchpierre”, a total mistranslation, for this has it reading as “The Guild of the Stone White”, for French speakers. Totally backwards.

    It should be “La guilde de la pierre blanche”, which reads to the French speaker as “The Guild of the White Stone”, as adjectives and other descriptors come after the noun in French, not before the noun as in English.

    How difficult would it have been for Mathis to actually learn something of French before renaming his “guild”? It is apparently beyond Mathis’ abilities to correct himself. The mistake remains on his website to this day, a tribute to his incompetence.

    He makes an ass of himself constantly in all fields and, instead of appearing to be a genius, he just comes across as an ass… a pompous, half-educated, misguided, delusional ass.

    • “Deep-fried crackpot”? I love it; perfect descriptor for the New Leonardo. Your essays are always a delight to read. I hope you will post many more.

    • Hey bud Hermon..
      I am multi-lingual & originally from Europe.. translating from one language to another often-times does turn the wording backwards & know why..?? Because the verbatim translation IS backwards..!! After learning the language, with time, eventually one realizes it “sounds” backwards & makes the necessary adjustments..

      For some reason you people have such HATRED, an ABNORMAL PASSION, for this man, there is something very, very, STRANGE going on..

  40. “Thus, the value of a geometric analog to pi is 4 in this geometry” Source:

    ^that is a statement from 100 year old orthodoxy in mathematical physics. See below for a list of supposed physical theory pundits who do not know what rectilinear distance, L1 distance or L_1 norm, city block distance, Manhattan distance, or Manhattan length is:

    Joaquin Hermon on July 4, 2013 at 2:19 pm said:
    Miles Mathis has proved a great disappointment. The first paper of his I read was the pi=4 and it really was ludicrous for both static and kinematic situations. I checked with some colleagues and they worked out to the same conclusions. I checked proofs others have done refuting the pi=4 notion and I agree with them. ”

    Michael Norris on May 23, 2013 at 2:38 pm said:
    ” Nothing on infowars about that (last I checked), but if pi = 4 and green secretly doesn’t exist, why the heck not?”

    Kevin Bos on May 28, 2013 at 2:53 pm said:
    “Haha, the line “the number pi plays a prominent role in his dementia” reminds me of the film Pi by Darren Aronofsky.”

    Anyone who would try to tell you that L1 distance can’t be useful for simplifying equations of kinematics should be viewed with great suspicion.

    “While each side would have length √2r using a Euclidean metric, where r is the circle’s radius, its length in taxicab geometry is 2r. Thus, a circle’s circumference is 8r. Thus, the value of a geometric analog to pi is 4 in this geometry ”

    “Taxicab geometry, considered by Hermann Minkowski in the 19th century, is a form of geometry in which the usual distance function or metric of Euclidean geometry is replaced by a new metric in which the distance between two points is the sum of the absolute differences of their coordinates.”

    Whatever phantoms Mathis is imagining in the media and intelligence services (ambiguous agency often taxes the most open and creative thinkers, insha’Allah), he apparently has a better grasp on orthodox physics than you hotshots.

    • I should add Steve David Urich to the above list of fakers. I see lots of hot air in his posts, very little attendance to real physical theory (nor any awareness of the academically documented penetration of the Western media by state and private intelligence services over many decades).

      Steve David Urich on May 20, 2013 at 10:35 am said:

      “However, the NASA cover-up is a Mathis original. But even his fellow crackpots (competitors) won’t touch that one; the pi=4 conspiracy is so insane and over-the-top that hardcore conspiracy theorists consider it laughable.”

      Different names for the Minkowski distance or Minkowski metric arise form the order:
      λ = 1 is the Manhattan distance. Synonyms are L1-Norm, Taxicab or City-Block distance. For two vectors of ranked ordinal variables the Mahattan distance is sometimes called Footruler distance.
      λ = 2 is the Euclidean distance. Synonyms are L2-Norm or Ruler distance. For two vectors of ranked ordinal variables the Euclidean distance is sometimes called Spearman distance.
      λ = ∞ is the Chebyshev distance. Synonym are Lmax-Norm or Chessboard distance.

      You will find that mathematical physics is drowning in real world examples of theoreticians using those metrics for particle motion modelling. It is not Mathis’ fault that you do not understand that the result of constraining your measurements to this geometry automatically implies that pi is functionally 4. That isn’t remotely controversial.

      • When I throw a ball across the room, it follows the path of a continuous arc. It certainly doesn’t follow a stair-step pattern. Even when filmed in slow motion, the ball is shown to be moving along a continuous arc.

        If the argument is made that the stair-steps are infinitely small (too small to be observed), then what evidence exists that the motion is actually a stair-step? Couldn’t it also be a sine wave, triangle, saw-tooth, or any other pattern? Without supporting evidence, the stair-step hypothesis is baseless.

        I could just as easily claim that the motion is a saw-tooth pattern, and that pi has a value of 7. If you are allowed to move off the curve, the circumference can take on any value at all. Instead of stair-steps, maybe the motion is tracing out infinitely small figure-eight patterns and pi’s real value is 64. But then, just like the pi equals 4 hogwash, no one would believe that either.

        On a related note, the following harangue came directly from the Mathis website; read it and burst out laughing:

        “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments.”

        Mathis has never performed a single experiment; not even one. But in all fairness, Mathis has never been, nor will he ever be a scientist; he’s a painter and ballet dancer for Pete’s sake.

        • I know it’s hard to believe but the new Leonardo DiCrapio is about to perform his first experiment. He’s testing the hypothesis that a fool and his money are soon to part with the announcement of his first conference for “a few serious students of mechanics” 19 – 23 August. For just a mere 300 dollars you too can learn correct physics from the master.

          • Well, Mathis has been running experiments all along, and I just failed to see it. It turns out that Mathis is indeed an avid experimentalist.

            “A fool and his money be soon at debate, which after with sorrow repents him too late.” – English poet Thomas Tusser (1573)

      • Adny, what is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle — the sum of the lengths of the sides? According to the Manhattan metric, it is. Any idea why we use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the hypotenuse length, and not simple addition?

  41. Miles Mathis has proved a great disappointment. The first paper of his I read was the pi=4 and it really was ludicrous for both static and kinematic situations. I checked with some colleagues and they worked out to the same conclusions. I checked proofs others have done refuting the pi=4 notion and I agree with them.

    It has been a decade since Mathis began plastering the internet with his theories and his “papers”. He has appeared on numerous sites using aliases to defend his ideas, all with his trademark long-windedness and obnoxious personality undisguised. Pathetic, really.

    The interest in anything Mathis has to say has largely evaporated. There has been little discussion of him since 2008. The inevitable decline comes from people having read and rejected his ideas with, at best, vague comments to the effect that “it is good to question and to investigate”, etc. But it is more than that. Scientists and lay people are truly put off by Mathis’ arrogance and his constant self-promotion as a “Renaissance man” genius gifted in all fields when he is, frankly, not actually gifted in any of them. He is obviously lost as an amateur scientist, but he is also a dreadful singer, a fair pianist, a poor writer, a vicious and jealousy-driven art critic, and a mediocre artist. He is a dabbler.

    On his website Mathis posts bitter reviews criticizing the paintings of artists much better than himself. His jealousy scarcely concealed. Even when supposedly praising an artist’s work he ends up attacking it. For example Mathis once wrote eighty-one words of praise for an artist’s painting and ended with one hundred seventy-seven words berating the painting’s title.

    Mathis’ excesses have now come back to haunt him. He’s rapidly aging and getting flabby. “The best beer and chocolate in the world”, he brags on his site about the rationale for his stays in Belgium, and the results are predictable. His old YouTube videos showing his studio full of paintings he can’t sell, his singing, his piano playing, his holding dolls and imitating female yoga instructors, etc., had collected so many negative comments he disabled comments for all 37 of his videos and he has now removed them . His paintings are not selling well (unlike those of the artists he attacks) and seemingly most of the people he has known don’t want anything more to do with him.

    I knew of Mathis in Taos, fortunately without having met him, and people consistently reported his anti-social antics with dismay. Mathis would disrupt public meetings, insist on seeing people without appointments and turn down the few art commissions he managed to attract. Some of this Mathis has corroborated on his own. He admitted on his website that he insisted once on showing his art portfolio to an art gallery saleswoman without an appointment, thrusting the open pages in front of her face in order to force her to look at them. When she refused, reiterating the gallery’s policy of doing so only by appointment, he yelled “F**K YOU” at the woman and stomped out.

    And on the subject of this alleged endorsement by Dr. T. Yaqoob of Mathis’ Un-Unified Field book, Dr. Yaqoob never endorses any of Mathis’ claims. He even clearly writes “I have not verified the results…”. I find this suspicious since pi=4 would be a breeze for Dr. Yaqoob to prove or disprove and he does not even try. Why would he even put his name on this book without testing any of ideas within? Like most of Mathis’ endeavors there is an air of illegitimacy about this book preface by Dr. Yaqoob that is hard to ignore.

    I’ve given Mathis fair consideration and I have to conclude he’s way off. His return to obscurity couldn’t be more fitting. Mathis is a nut.

    • When contacted for comment, Dr. Yaqoob replied that he has never endorsed so much as a single word of the books content. The brief introduction which Dr. Yaqoob penned was only an invitation to read the book, and was never intended to be construed as advocacy or endorsement.

      “I do not endorse his methods or conclusions. I still have issues with pretty much every article in his book.”
      – Dr. Tahir Yaqoob (Sept 3, 2012)

      By the way, that was an excellent essay. Great behind the scene look at Mathis the man-child. I’m not the least bit surprised to learn that he is an obnoxious and pompous ass in person; bad manners, an oversized ego, and a puny intellect. And last but not least, a pathological inability to feel humiliation and embarrassment. Yep, that’s Mathis.

  42. The slaying of a soldier in Woolwich, England on 5/22/2013 by radical Islamic terrorists has already been declared a hoax by the mental midgets over at Infowars (Alex Jones and his gang of lunatics). So will Mathis jump on the bandwagon and follow suit? That’s been his pattern so far. We’ll be watching…

    • I also saw a story that Alex Jones questioned whether the Oklahoma tornadoes might have been manufactured by the government. Google “Tornado Truthers”. Nothing on infowars about that (last I checked), but if pi = 4 and green secretly doesn’t exist, why the heck not?

      • Unbelievable! There are actually “Tornado Truthers” who claim that the government intentionally caused the recent tornado in Oklahoma; that’s right, a tornado conspiracy. I had to go read the articles firsthand as confirmation, otherwise I would never have believed that anyone could be that deluded.

        The whole conspiracy theory industry, of which Mathis has become a player, is absolutely insane. These people are deranged.

  43. Miles has missed one… a favorite among the loony-tune crowd… “Elvis is still alive”. Why isn’t that on his list of CIA conspiracies?

    • “If you need news, go to Infowars or alternate media online.” — Miles Mathis

      Most of these conspiracies are coming directly from the Infowars website. So Mathis has been stealing from(ripping off) Alex Jones.

      However, the NASA pi=4 cover-up is a Mathis original. Even his fellow crackpots (competitors) won’t touch that one. The pi=4 conspiracy is so insane and over-the-top that hardcore conspiracy theorists consider it laughable.

  44. “Avoid CIA mouthpieces like Wikipedia”

    Doesn’t Miles use Wikipedia as his main reference source?

    • Standard conspiracy-theorist mindset, like using details from the 9/11 NIST study in cases where they are useful, all the while declaring that the gov’t study is a fraudulent lie. Then they throw their hands up and say, “Nobody really knows, but I DO know that something stinks…” Rinse, lather, repeat.

      • My first introduction to Miles came from reading the book review and comments you wrote at Everyone references it, and raves about it. Some of the best Miles Mathis criticism found anywhere on the internet.

        • Thank you — I would say the same about this blog. There’s nothing like straight-up mathematics to expose Mathis’ most absurd claims.

        • Hands down; the very best Mathis critique ever put on paper. Beautifully written prose with stinging commentary. It rattled Mathis so badly that he wrote an article about it. He had to be fuming; his new book (first one) had been laid to waste within weeks of its publication. As a result, the book flopped and never sold more than a handful of copies. But Mathis did learn a valuable lesson; he won’t publish anything now where comments are allowed.

          My Opposition (Miles Mathis)
          Mishmash of Crackpottery (Michael Norris)

          • Rather than cleaning up his math, Miles just hides from his critics. Doesn’t make any sense, but that appears to his method of deception. By the way, does anyone know what happened to the Miles YouTube videos? Have they been scrubbed?

            • Can’t find his videos; maybe they’re gone. Never really watched any of them; other than his preformance of Claire de lune (Debussy), which was surprisingly quite good. Talented pianist, but a dreadful mathematician.

  45. Didn’t know that Miles was writing this sort of commentary, but find it very troubling. Miles has some serious mental health issues. He has so much crap in his system, it has backed up to his brain.

    • His delusions go far beyond normal suspicions and paranoia. Mathis has reached the point where he is no longer capable of rational thoughts. Everything has become a CIA conspiracy; and for some bizarre reason, the number pi plays a prominent role in his dementia. Hopefully, Mathis is nothing more than a harmless, misinformed kook; but he is undeniably a full-fledged whack-job.

      • Haha, the line “the number pi plays a prominent role in his dementia” reminds me of the film Pi by Darren Aronofsky.

    • Yikes!!! The Boston marathon story is still in the news. It just happened and the conspiracy theories have already started? That was fast.

    • Ron Beck’s comment about “crap in his system” makes me wonder if Mathis isn’t hepped up on goofballs. Aside from being full of crap and full of himself, being full of psycho-active chemicals would certainly go a long way in explaining his apparent state of mind.

      • Goofballs would certainly be an appropriate choice of recreational drugs for Mathis; based on the name alone. But Mathis doesn’t really need any drugs at all. He’s been inhaling paint fumes for so long (decades) that he’s probably having lengthy conversations with his doorknob; determined to convince someone (even an inanimate object) that pi=4. And so far, his doorknob has yet to be persuaded.

    • That statement has to be ranked as one of the world’s best gut-busting howlers. And speaking of howlers, here is his latest:

      ”As I have said before, those who are satisfied with non-physical answers to physical questions can stick with the mainstream theories. But I am not at all satisfied with them, and I find that my thousands of readers are not satisfied with them, either.”Miles Mathis (5/15/2013)

      Thousands of readers? Notice that he included a trailing ‘s’; it’s plural. Thousands! Now that’s funny.

  46. Miles is using Richard Hoagland as his reference? That’s one conspiracy theorist, citing another conspiracy theorist, as evidence of a conspiracy. Good grief…

    • No question about it, Hoagland is a loon. In 1997 he received the Ig Nobel Prize for “identifying artificial features on the moon and on Mars, including a human face on Mars and ten-mile high buildings on the far side of the moon”.

      But unlike Mathis, Hoagland’s conspiracies are primarily limited to NASA’s involvement in hiding information about extraterrestrial civilizations; cover-ups.

      Mathis on the other hand, believes that the CIA is staging fake tragedies to manipulate the public.

      Without doubt, both men are deranged crackpots; stalwarts of the lunatic fringe.

      • It’s no different than when the CIA uses their weaponized anthropology teams to create circular citations to all of themselves when they create some social science fraud, like the guys who built up Castaneda did or the crews that surrounded Huxley and company. Jan Irvin has uncovered that crap, and Miles might be doing the same thing. I can’t speak for his sources, but him citing a secondary source is a step above those type of operations where they create circular networks of support.. Why wouldn’t the CIA fake tragedies and attacks? The DHS does it, and there is a long and documented (with public records from Belgium, Italy, Germany etc.) of NATO (which is primarily a US run institution) using their Gladio and Gladio B networks to run their narco terror false flag crap, with ISIS being the latest genetic strain of this psychopathic silliness. Sibel Edmonds is crazy too, Jay Fykes, James Corbett, Jan Irvin, Richard Cottrell, and Thomas Secker…It gets a little hard after a while to pretend that all these people with all their documentation are all crazy doesn’t it? You guys are the ones acting like loons, pretending there are no such thing as political conspiracies, when history is nothing but a litany of political conspiracies all over the place. Miles may make some mistakes (and i can’t speak for his hard science papers, only the political ones), but that doesn’t mean he is completely wrong, and this is a non stop character assassination for those who pretend that there are no conspiracies, that things just happen. There is no cause and effect, no meaning behind anything, just random events right? Solipsists thru and thru is what we see here. Just because this stuff isn’t on the nightly propaganda news doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Next thing you know you guys will be rolling out the old standard that there is no way the government could keep a secret like this, like they did for the Manhattan project, for Lookout Mountain, for the NSA spying program etc. It’s just sad that there is so much cognitive dissonance around these days.

        • If you and the conspiracy theory loons you think so highly of have so much “evidence” why do nothing but skulk around on the internet telling stories?
          Just like Miles Mathis, none of you is apparently smart enough to devise a way to validate any of your absurd claims. Sitting in front of a computer screen typing verbose, nearly incoherent garbage and reading the same from Mathis has you guys hypnotized. It accomplishes nothing.
          That fact alone is more telling than you will ever be able to admit.

          • Hey dummy. What is the point of putting the word evidence in quotation marks? Are you a Jew? Define the word “validate”. Its only evidence. But we like it. Hey dummy. Define the word “validate”. Its only evidence. But we like it.

            • With “defenders” like you, Mathis needs no enemies to keep him from being taken seriously.
              Mathis is doomed, his enemies are well-informed and his friends are not .

          • The verbose and incoherent material originates from THIS site, twits! Mr. Mathis’ explanations are excellent!

            • “Excellent”?
              How do you know? You admit you don’t know enough of science or mathematics to check what Mathis writes.
              Gullible, low-information conspiracy believers such as yourself are his ideal audience. You believe anything the worthless little kook writes because you don’t know enough to check his material.
              He does not want people to check his material.
              That’s because Mathis is a fraud.

              • No one is more “gullible” than those who believe the MSM/”government” approved spin on any event that is a game changer. They unroll so predictably with the “lone nut” who comes out of nowhere, a lone nut with no power and no real motive; meanwhile those with enormous power and profound motives, pooh pooh any thought they might arrange things to their benefit. Oh no, not them.
                Conspiracy deniers are indeed, in deep denial. But I don’t think this web site counts as such. It is here for a strategic reason, and all us “conspiracy believers” know what those reasons are.
                “Conspiracy theorist” that term thunk up by the CIA to counter any opinions contrary to the Warren Commission’s lone nut theory.
                We know. The “government” and its handlers and its co-conspirators — the MSM — are our enemies. We’ve known for a long time.

            • I never said that I don’t know Science or Math; Chantal said she does Not Like the subjects, but, again, that’s not the same as not knowing, now, is it? :)
              Miles Mathis is definitely making a whole lot more sense than you. :(

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