About this Blog

The sole purpose of this Blog is to shine a spotlight on the countless errors, mistakes, missteps, blunders, nonsense, hogwash, drivel and rubbish published by the internet’s most notorious crackpot; the Pee Wee Herman of math and physics: Miles Pantload Mathis.



13 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. that miles mavis is a total effin crackpot!
    i mean, holy crap, i cant get laid in los angeles
    tx to all the queers & dykes
    mango, my rod is gettin limp
    i need some tlc now
    even adele looks good
    & the canuck skank saloon, salon, celine?
    wtf is her name?
    gad she’s ugly
    my left hand is startin to look good

    can u feel me bro?


    channing tatum

  2. Love your site. I love to read and write crackpot science. When I was younger, women made fun of me. The only thing I ever got from a girl was a slap in the face! So I am used to this sort of degration. Miles isn’t in the same league with me. I have overhauled the whole universe. One scientist called my stiff gibberish. You can see that I just love to be “me against the world”.

  3. You folks sure spend a lot of time and effort discrediting Miles. He must have said some things that painfully disturb your believe systems (educational or monetary). You know what that means, don’t you? It’s been said that the truth hurts.

    • Try asking Mathis to answer some real science questions using his theories. He simply replies by telling you to Fu.k off! That’s what he said to me when I asked him some chemistry questions. Mathis is a scientific illiterate who funds a mile when challenged by real scientists. No one bothers with anymore except for his small number of fans on Facebook.

  4. Hey, whatever happened to Steven Oostdijk? Not long ago he was everywhere, defending Mathis tooth and nail… Where has he been lately? Did the two have a falling out? Hmmm…

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