What Others Are Saying

For those die-hard Mathis groupies (at last count there were a total of three) who still need further convincing, here is what others think of the ballet dancer turned physicist:

Good Math, Bad Math
Sheer Lunacy (Kevin Bos)
Mishmash of Crackpottery (Michael Norris)
Ex Falso (Mathis Watchblog)
Mathis and pi (Thunderbolts Forum)
New Math by Miles Mathis
Miles Mathis Interview
Sagacity’s Sentinel
Pure Crackpot (R Dowdall)
The Wisdom of Miles Mathis
FQXi Forum (Steven Oostdijk)
Beyond Parody (Crackpotwatch)
Lack of Imagination and Pi
Alien Anomalies (Joaquin Hermon)
Crackpottery (L Butler)
Miles Mathis Revolution (Facebook)
The Work of Miles Williams Mathis (Facebook)
Something Mathis Missed (Crackpotwatch)
On Trying To See Reality (Thomas Burwell)
Fake Science For Low-Information Conspiracy Believers (Michael Norris)


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